One Plus Coffee, Circuit, Makati

While coffee shop is known as a place for meetings, the One Plus Coffee that is newly opened in the Circuit, Makati intended their place as a co-working space where the diners would expect hanging wires from the top for the laptops, long tables for the meetings, and free WiFi connection all for the convenience of the diners. I can say that the place is very helpful for the group studies of the students or for the corporate brainstorming of the professionals.
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One Plus Coffee only intended to offer drinks for the diners but they have decided to also offer food. Luckily, Aldous, Tin, and I got to try some of these last Wednesday while their menu is still in the process of updating.
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These Potato Chips looked really lovely. It looked like a big flower blossoming on our table. It comes in big chips, it looks thick but actually thin. It is crunchy and the saltiness is balanced right. I’m already satisfied on the chip itself even without the dipping. But hell, even the dipping is also great!
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The Szechuan Shrimp Balls looked like a dessert for me when I was taking a photo of it but I was surprised that it’s my favorite seafood I was munching in a form of balls. Given that Szechuan dishes are spicy, the One Plus Coffee’s dish did not give a dash of heat but a little tangy and sweet flavor. At first, I thought it was a chocolate sauce, but it is a balsamic sauce that gives magic to this dish.
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Chomping these wings gave me a sweet flavor beforehand, however, the spiciness gets to me after eating a piece of it. Here’s One Plus Sweet & Spicy Wings.
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Between the Caesar Salad and the Creamy Greek Salad, I like the latter. Maybe I was not really a fan of acidic sauce like that of Caesar. Plus, the Creamy Garlic Salad has a slice of cucumber that made me more to like it.

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Caesar Salad
One plus coffee (18)-2048x2000
Creamy Greek Salad

The Aglio Olio did not fail to satisfy my hunger. Al dente pasta, the flavor of the garlic really went through, and the distinct taste of olive oil, there’s nothing to ask for more but wait…
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Here’s another pasta – Meaty Baked Lasagna. It’s good but not as sinful as I thought it was.
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As for the beverages, where One Plus Coffee is an expert of, there are few drinks that would definitely make you curious so to give you a preview, here are the zips I had.

If you like a drink that is not too strong, order Nutella Mocha. It is nutty and a little chocolatey.
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The Latte Macchiato has stronger taste compare to Thai Latte. Thai Latte is the one with whipped cream on top.

Matcha Latte served iced and hot. I like the iced one better.One plus coffee (56)-2048x2000One plus coffee (65)-2048x2000

Sexy Cucumber LemonOne plus coffee (36)-2048x2000

Kiwi Lemonade. It’s acidic but luxurious.
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Alluring Strawberry Mocha. It’s not as sweet as I expected so I think this is better paired with a pastry or a slice of cake. 🙂
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One Plus Coffee has an innovative strategy since Makati as a business district, people surely seek a place where they can last longer that is conducive for finishing paper works, for studying or for a meeting. The ambiance of the place projects that concept so the by passers would surely note that it is a great coffee shop to linger whenever they have to in the future. The coffee shop is big, cozy, and well ventilated. I also like how they play with the colors of the furniture and the instagrammable frames on display. The serving for food is meant for small portions, considering the said “concept” but the drinks come in the regular size just like the other coffee shops. The staff is welcoming and joyful, which is a thing to expect for coffee shops. Truly, One Plus Coffee is the coffee shop the people can depend on whenever you need a table to rely on. Of course, you do order! 🙂
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Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to post positive reviews.

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Salad Bowl, Molito, Alabang

I’m sure that we have over indulged ourselves sometimes with fatty, and oily food because of the comfort it gives. However, there are days when it feels like eating carbs makes us feel bloated, or there are days when we have woken up and decided to practice healthy eating diet (just for the day, lol). With this, salad is one of the food we can run to. Salad Bowl as its specialty that is located in Molito, Alabang can surely feed the hungry Southerners.
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It was raining hard when us, bloggers, got there. Travelling from the north (Quezon Ave), we know that the greens would never fail to fill our growling tummy. Well, we just eat everything LOL! So let’s get this started.
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Who would not know of the green local peppers coated of wrapper stuffed with cheese to become an appetizer? This street food is known as “dynamite” because of the exploding spiciness. On the other hand, the Sili Sticks (P150) of Salad Bowl is little to no spicy. The diners won’t have to worry if they have zero tolerance of the hot feeling.
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Because of the greatness of its presentation, it got hard for us to know if how should we be eating this dish. When we have sliced the tomato, it’s surprising that this is a smoked fish dish bathed in a light cream.  Smoked Fish Barrel (P199.50).
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Layered. Whenever I see a food like this, I am starting to generalize that it’s a lasagna and I was not wrong. Eggplants, carrots, cream, cheese, meat, parsley surrounded with greens, the diners would not regret trying Vegetable Lasagna (P280).
Salad Bowl (3)-2048x2000

This pasta, Smoked Salmon Pasta (P295) is also cream-based but colored orange. Is it not because of tomato as an ingredient? On the other hand, the chunky salmon is love! It’s nice that even if the pasta is cream-based, it is not heavy. This is definitely healthy eating!
Salad Bowl (7)-2048x2000

Salad Bowls

The Barbecue Chicken Salad (P280) comes in stripped greens so while eating it, I was imagining that the greens is a pasta. The taste is delicious I almost forgot that it’s not a pasta!
Salad Bowl (9)-2048x2000

I like how they make the meat of  Japanese Chicken Corn Sesame Salad (P350) blends on its sweetness of the corn because the meat is salty.
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If I were to choose, I like the Truffle Bacon, Beef and Cheese Wrap (P390) better because it is tastier. Maybe it has a secret sauce or probably it’s the cheese! There’s nothing wrong with Chicken Inasal Wrap (P260), it’s just that it’s very much leafy.

Salad Bowl (5)-2048x2000
Truffle Bacon, Beef and Cheese Wrap
Salad Bowl (6)-2048x2000
Chicken Inasal Wrap


The sauce of Chicken Arugula Pesto (P280) has a bitter taste but it’s a perfect pair for the smoky and peppery chicken.
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The Grass Fed Burger (P275) is a must try! This is sulit. It’s not greasy but satiated my appetite. The idea of “grass fed” made me think I was really going for healthy options when dining in here.
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The Grilled Beef Tomahawk (P4,000) is perfected in a way that we have fallen in love at first sight on this steak. This bad boy has an exemplary taste served medium rare. Potato wedges, grilled bell peppers and carrots, and the cabbage and arugula made this dish even more visually appealing.
Salad Bowl (12)-2048x2000Salad Bowl (13)-2048x2000Salad Bowl (16)-2048x2000

Happy birthday to Cohen who’s holding a cake from Salad Bowl! More years to come #vegetaBELLS
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The restaurant is inspired in shades of green and brown as a symbol of them serving healthy food fresh from the farm. Yes, Salad Bowl sources its produce from their own farm in Cavite. The food served does not come in small portioning so I can say that the price is very affordable. The taste is well-thought because of the balanced flavors. The diners can get full just by spending P250+. The place looks so spacious because of the high ceiling and the air con is working properly. The service is fast but has not really felt much of the presence of the staff. Lastly, I like that they still offer meat for giving consideration that the diners have different preferences of food and changing mood. 🙂 Hope they’d open in the north area!
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Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5

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PS: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write positive reviews. Thanks to Louise for inviting!

Big Mama, Poblacion, Makati

Because the rain can’t stop from falling and ruling Metro Manila, eating spicy would stand as the comfort food for every hungry tummy. Having the knowledge that Korean cuisine is known to have a love for wolfing spicy food, my workmates and I opted to dine in Big Mama. We were literally running when we were heading to the place since the rain is starting to fall harder.

It was not my first time dining in Big Mama since my former bosses who are Koreans frequent here and so this was where they sometimes give us, my previous workmates, a treat. Now that I got a new job, I got to share to my foodie workmate that I know an authentic Korean restaurant near our office and so she wanted to try it. We also tagged three new found friends to have more fun!

The Big Mama is known as a “chicken and beer” restaurant so we ordered the chicken that costs P730 for 15 pieces. We divided the flavors to half where the other is spicy and the other half is regular. This order comes along with three dips. The chicken here is pretty promising so it should not be a miss.
Big Mama (4)

The Ramyon Bokki/Rabokki (P250) is a combination of the two common favorite dishes – ramen and bokki. If you do not know what bokki is, it’s a stir-fried rice cake in a cylinder shape. The hard-boiled egg served is good to cut into tidbits and mix it with the rabokki to add more flavor to this red pepper sauce dish!

We also ordered the Fish Cake Soup (P400). Basically, this is a clear soup with fish cake, seaweed, and hard-boiled egg. The fish cake tastes like the fish balls we used to eat as a snack. Unlike fish balls are round, the fish cake is a long flattened rectangular shape and put into the sticks like how “isaw” is presented.
Big Mama (3)

The restaurant is not fancy so coming into the place is less intimidating. Despite this, the place is where you would see more Koreans so you would know that the Big Mama is a great place to dine. I think the place is not much common to the Filipinos but I promise you that the food, especially the chicken is great. The price is very affordable and the serving is generous. The taste is perfect and the staff is friendly. There’s a bell in each table that you could press whenever you needed something to the waiter. Don’t expect though that the staff is formal since the chicken and beer restaurant is intended to be casual.

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5

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