Marks & Spencer Wine Tasting Event

The perplexing variety of wines makes me less interested to try this beverage. This lack of enthusiasm is apparent even back when I was in my college days where I used to yawn a lot from 7AM to 12NN whenever wines are the subject of discussion in our beverage management class. All I know is that wines are classified according to grape varieties, and from which country they come from.

Although I am familiar with names like Merlot, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir, I actually do not know what these taste like. Luckily, I finally had the chance to try out different wines.

(This perspective is from a beginner)

Sparkling Wine

Brut Cava. My cousin always asks for wine which contains less alcohol content since he still has to go to work at 10PM. I find Brut Cava a bit strong (for a non-wine drinker like me), but it was revived by the fizz as I glug the wine down my throat.


Prosecco. Prosecco has a similar taste as Brut Cava. Both wines are refreshing, but this one is stronger since it is Extra Dry.


White Wine

Barossa Chardonnay. This wine is from Burgundy, France, and its taste is flavorful. It seems like you are drinking an apple, pear, and grapes in one. Of course, it comes with a kick of alcohol.


Erdener Treppchen Riesling.  Fascinated with the beauty of its bottle, we tried Riesling and the taste did not disappoint. It was more delicious than the Chardonnay; its sweeter and lighter.


Red Wine

Shiraz Mandorla. We asked for a wine that has less alcohol content, the assistant poured us a violet red drink called Shiraz. After taking a zip, my cousin and I both have sour faces. As we all know, red wines have powerful taste. Shiraz is known to be a light-flavored red wine.


Dessert Wine

Moscatel de Valencia. We were caught up again with the beauty of this wine’s packaging. Its taste is just so vivid; the grape and apricot combination was very relaxing. We finished two glasses of this wine.


Rich Cream Sherry. We were quite intimidated by the black bottle, but we still tried it nevertheless since we felt it was a safe choice if it’s categorized under dessert wine. On the other hand, this drink has full flavor and high alcohol content, but it has a sweet aroma. The flavor has hints of raisin, walnut, and caramel.



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