Pink Guava Tea House

All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day are fast approaching, but let us not forget to celebrate the Halloween. This annual celebration is often, if not always, accompanied by spooky decorations seen in different establishments such as boutiques, kiosks, and restaurants—Pink Guava is one of those.


Pink Guava has designed their cafe perfectly for the Halloween. This place is very much accessible as it is strategically located in Quezon Avenue.

Pink Guava specializes in drinks like teas, juices, and coffees. They also offer pasta and pastries.

We first ordered our drinks under the Fruity Juice Bar

Strawberry 75% sugar & Kiwi 75% sugar


We also ordered drinks listed under the Yakult Flavors category to help us in our digestion. We like the Yakult-based drinks better than the selections from the Fruity Juice Bar.

Strawberry Yakult 75% & Kiwi Apple Yakult 75%


Of course, we did not forget to order the resto’s specialties which are the guava-based drinks. We decided to try the Guava Lychee with Boba (P120) 75% plus an additional P15 for Boba. Guava Lychee is a refreshing drink as the pulp from the guava fruit is mixed in the drink, and you could feel the tiny bits while drinking. Also, adding Boba in the drink was amazing, because it pops in your mouth. Personally, this is much better compared to the ordinary sago that needs to be chewed.


Serving size is always an issue for foodies, and it is good to know that Pink Guava offers a single serving that is good for two already!


We had the Cafe Spaghetti (P150), a serving of al-dente cooked spaghetti in a tomato-based sauce sautéed with mushroom and ground beef, and topped with freshly grated cheese. Next, we had the Bacon Carbonara (P165). The Bacon Carbonara is a creamy plate of spaghetti pasta in a white sauce, and topped with maple bacon beef. Now, this plate reminds me of my high school days when I became addicted to eating bacon in our school cafeteria. Good times.


The pasta dishes were very filling, yet we still have to kill more time. So, we decided to take pictures and fooled around a little. The place has pirate hats, witch hats, and devil horns lying around. Of course, we were accompanied by the Grim Reaper! We had fun, can’t you tell from the big grins in our faces? J Happy Halloween everyone!


Pink Guava

1472, Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City



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