Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen

Mitsuyado Sei-Men has opened its first branch in the Philippines and they will be celebrating their first year anniversary on November 9, 2013. It was franchised from Japan by the UCC Group and will have their expansion in Macapagal Avenue, Pasay.


This is what restaurant’s staff greeted us with as we ushered inside the new go-to place for Japanese food lovers. The ambiance will make you feel like you are really in Japan, and the place has a unique vintage feel to it. The restaurant’s wooden tables and chairs, Japanese lanterns, paintings encased in galvanized iron, and a noodle cart all bring the old Japanese street to life.Image

Mitsuyado means three arrows while Sei-Men means “to pull noodles” which is done everyday in the resto. Imagine how special it is to eat fresh noodles.

They also have function rooms that are good for 12-15 persons. You can have one rented for P5,000.00 which is consumable for two hours.


Marutoku Tsukemen (P340.00) 
Since Mitsuyado claims to be “The House of Tsukemen”, I gave it a try. Tsukemen or “dipping noodles” is a dish wherein the noodles and the soup are served separately, and it can either be served hot or cold.

I was asked whether I like to have my noodles warm or cold, and I told them to serve the noodles warm, because I always want my noodles to be soft. Their noodles are really thick which is why I felt full right away. It was my first time to eat that kind of noodles!


The dipping sauce is concentrated; it was sweet and a bit sour, but I find it irresistible. What I did not know was that the dipping sauce has yuzu oil (citrus fruit). I was also surprised to find out that the sauce contains flaked meat, spring onion, naruto (fish cake), and many more. I even thought about gulping the whole thing. If you go there, you can request the staff to add hot water to the concentrated sauce, and transform it into a soup.


The Marutoku I ordered has nori (seaweed), aji-tama (Japanese egg), yasai (vegetables), and char-siu (roast pork).


The vegetables were made up of bean sprouts, carrot, cabbage, and spring onion. The Japanese egg is served soft-boiled. It was salty, but I find it delicious because it is my first time to taste such a perfect combination with veggies. Also, the roast pork was very tender and rich!


This is how you do it, baby: Grab some noodles, submerge it to the dipping sauce, and eat! The vegetables, Japanese egg, seaweed and roast pork are for your random chomping.


Gyoza (P180.00) 
Their gyoza is crispy on the outside, but juicy on the inside which made me take one piece after another. This dish is said to be one of their best sellers. The wrapper is also hand-made just like the noodles they serve.


Chicken Black Pepper Teriyaki Don (P240.00) 
Moving on to their rice dishes. The serving is just enough, and of course, the sweetness of the meat pushed me to finish the meal.


“Doumo Arigato Gozaimasu” 

Mitsuyado Sei-Men: The House of Tsukemen
22 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel Air, Makati City, Philippines.
11.00am to 12.00am daily
telephone: +632 511-1390



22 thoughts on “Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen

  1. I always have a thing for sushis and ramen, that’s what makes me love Jap food just so much. What a pity, i don’t live in the Philippines and I’m more than willing to give them a try.

  2. visiting food blogs early in the morning is really such a bad idea. the mouth-watering food on your photos is making my stomach more hungry! 🙂 hopefully i can try this one out one of these days!

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