Chuck’s Grub

Chuck’s Grub is a British-inspired Filipino-owned establishment that specializes in fish & chips. It is owned by Mr. Enrique Miguel Valles (whose nickname is Chuck, hence the name). He and his family stayed in London for seven years, and observed the British people’s love for fish & chips. This eventually led him to put up fish & chips kiosks, and put up a store when he came back in the Philippines.

Shortly, they improved their stores, called “chippy shops”, by adding chairs and tables. Their stores’ concept is minimalist except for their SM Megamall branch with has a blackboard theme where customers can doodle.Image

If you want Chuck’s Grub to serve up delectable fish & chips in your parties, you can contact them or check their party package below. They can set-up a booth in your party (Please refer to the image below for the sample booth set-up).


Now, (the best part) moving on to their menu!


Fish & Chips

chuck's (1)

Beer Battered Dory & Chips (P130.00). The meat is dense, and it is paired with small yet chunky fries.

Fish & Rice

chuck's (4)

Cobbler (P84.00) is quite similar to a chicken fillet, but this one is really flaky.

chuck's (5)

Fish Sub (a sandwich made with a long roll)

chuck's (8)

This uses Snapper (P210.00), which has a fishier taste compared to the first two I tried.


chuck's (3)

Shrimp Popcorn (P150.00). The shrimp and batter blends well together. You’d be happy with their serving as a single plate consists of 12-15 pieces of shrimp!

Basically, each variety has almost same taste, because the fish is dipped in a special beer batter. However, the price differs depending if it is a dory, cobbler, snapper or halibut. Overall, I’d say their offerings taste just right!

By the way, their sauce selection includes garlic mayo, tartare sauce, good old vinegar, and spicy ranch.

Here are some fish facts; these are also posted on their stores:

1. Dory – most widely used with the most generic flavor

Texture: Soft, Fatty

Origin: Vietnam

2. White River Cobbler – from the Catfish family, it has delicate flaky meat that’s best for non-fish eaters

Texture: Soft, flaky bite

Origin: Vietnam

3. Snapper – more fish taste that’s full of flavor

Texture: Firm Bite

Origin: Indonesia

4. Halibut – A premium taste that’s lean and creamy in texture

Texture: Rich, Creamy, Light

Origin: Greenland

chuck's (7)

Chucks Grub offers a new way of appreciating fish. Check out their branches below. Enjoy grubbing!

Power Plant Mall | TriNoma | Frontera Verde

Sky Garden | SM Megamall | SM Mall of Asia

(632) 570-1707



21 thoughts on “Chuck’s Grub

  1. Oh my goodness this looks delicious. I love trying new restaurants and new foods. I wish this restaurant was closer because I would love to eat here. I love fish anything. Thanks for sharing.

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