Street Food Buffet of Bar B Skew Restaurant

For a batang kalye like me, I am well aware that Tomas Morato is teeming with old and new restaurants that offer an amazing array of must-try dishes. One of these include first and only BBQ skewers buffet in the Philippines which I was given the opportunity to try in Wazzup Pilipinas event.

Bar B Skew opened its door to the public last October 12, 2013. The establishment is owned by a young lad named Mr. Wero Doma Jr.


The buffet lasts for 90 minutes which is why I would advise diners to have your red plates ready to get the skewers you want, because you would have to pay an additional P50 if you exceed 15 minutes from the duration period.


Leave your skewered picks on their one of a kind automatic grilling machine to cook.


These are cooked on a bed of charcoal.


These are the street food choices they offer. Since the restaurant only opened last October, there isn’t much variety you can choose from yet.


Bar B Skew special sauces that add flavor to the dishes are also available. I just love that there are six sauces to choose from. My personal picks are the garlic butter and sweet chili sauces.

Line them all up, and coat them with the sauce. The experience was fun. It was quite a sosyal way of grilling. The picture below shows the rotating process which is the reason why the dishes are cooked evenly.



Meanwhile, to avoid getting bored and hungry while waiting for the food to cook, they serve rice and four different dishes. Two of which differ every day, while their fried chicken and special sisig are regulars.


This restaurant cleverly satiates anyone’s street food cravings. What I like about the place is that I can enjoy good street foods that are guaranteed fresh, safe, and clean.

They also have other food deals for people who do not want to get too filled up and just want to chill:


Skew You!

Bar B Skew Restaurant

UG03 CTTM Square 68 TImog Avenue Cnr Tomas Morato, QC

(Near Timog Rotonda)



Written by: Jam Daquio

Edited by: Katrina Pulvera

Photos: Jam Daquio


22 thoughts on “Street Food Buffet of Bar B Skew Restaurant

  1. Wow! I think my friend Eyah was there on their launch 🙂 I wanna visit here since it’s not a typical grill house/resto. Love that circulating system of their grill! The place looks comfy too 🙂

  2. I love eating street foods, especially BBQs. Here in our place, my wife and I use to frequent ambulant street food stall along the public plaza every time I receive my monthly salary. We date eating them.

  3. wow, bbq… i hope their prices will also be like that in the sidewalk… just kidding… i know it’s safer and cleaner. many filipinos will love this concept. Yahweh bless.

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