The Matchless Desserts of Café Shibuya

Cakes, waffles, and yogurts could answer your sweet cravings, but have you ever craved for bread? Well then if you haven’t, you might want to drop by Café Shibuya’s first branch in UP Town Center which opened last October 14, 2013. This place would definitely make you drool for bread.

Camera 360

French toast may be very familiar, but (let us admit it) our culture is not really quite a fan of it yet. So, this Filipino-owned company brings us something new to add in our list of must-have dishes–the bread toast.

Did you know that one of the ways to know if bread has been prepared perfectly is by pulling it apart? If the strands are long and malleable, then you know that you have a good one. I assert that Café Shibuya’s bread offerings are well-made.

As I pulled the pre-cut toasts apart, I noticed that the bread inside is also spread with butter. Since they call it a toast, it amused me that the bread is not browned. It’s still as soft as a pillow.

They have baby and regular servings, but the baby serving is enough to make you feel bloated. The prices indicated below are for the baby size.

Honey Toast (P145.00)

This is their signature toast served together with honey syrup and vanilla ice cream. The taste is just okay for me.

cafe shibuya (1)

Cheddar Cheese (P175.00)

If you are a cheese lover who likes cheese served with a hint of sweetness, then you would probably enjoy this. I also love cheese, but I prefer it with pizza and burger instead of having it in my dessert. This one is served with vanilla ice cream.

cafe shibuya (3)

Nutella (P195.00)

Who doesn’t love Nutella served with vanilla ice cream on top? This is my timeless favorite spread, so I would give this Shibuya toast a high five!

cafe shibuya (4)

Tiramisu (P185.00)

I love how complex the taste this toast has. It has Kahlua syrup and cream cheese. The combination is just romantic and emotional (or sexy?) for me. It must be the Kahlua. The coffee ice cream pulls the whole dish together.

cafe shibuya (5)

Mango Caramel (P185.00)

If you have prepared the Refrigerated Mango Cake at home, then you already have a good idea how this one tastes like. However, there’s something in this dish, which I cannot figure out, that makes it special.

cafe shibuya (2)

The other food bloggers and I ordered a representation for each drink category for photo purposes. I must say that their drinks are all delicious.

Caramel Macchiato (P145.00)

cafe shibuya (10)

Chocolate Green Tea (P165.00)

frappe 2

Matcha Green Tea Latte (P135.00)

cafe shibuya (9)

Ghirardelli Chocolate
Below Zero Chocolate Frappe (P155.00)

with whip cream

cafe shibuya (7)

No whip cream

cafe shibuya (8)

Seeing all these yummy treats would probably still make some people consciousness about their calorie intake, but there’s just no denying that these dishes are worth a try. Forget the stress for a while. After all, sweets are great stress relievers, and what better way to feel great than by trying out these sinful desserts?

cafe shibuya (6)

Cafe Shibuya

UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City



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