The Chewy Doughnuts of Gavino’s Donuts

The first time I got to try Gavino’s donuts (Japanese donuts) was when I attended the Blogapalooza event last November. I scanned their flyers to look for the list of branches, and found that the one nearest my vicinity was at Landmark in TriNoma. Gavino’s Donuts now has fourteen branches, and the brand will open three more this December.


Gavino’s Donuts is very different from the doughnuts that we know here in the Philippines. I am not saying that the donuts we are used to aren’t delicious, but it’s just that Gavino’s offerings have a different character—its texture is chewier. I think it’s one of the reasons that would make anyone chomp on one piece after another.

The donuts they offer are made with mochi, which explains why their donuts are extra chewy. The Mochi rings (it’s that their donuts are called) look like spheres linked together to form a circle.

gavino (2)

Meanwhile, their version of munchkins or small donut balls is called Mochi balls.

galvino (4)

The prices of their donuts are relatively reasonable. Gavino’s Donuts offer regular and premium Mochi rings and Mochi balls. The premium selections are pricier (but you knew that already J) than the regular ones.

galvino (1)


9 thoughts on “The Chewy Doughnuts of Gavino’s Donuts

  1. I first tasted them during the blogapalooza event. So happy I saw them in SM South. 😀 Super chewy talaga ng donuts nila 🙂 I wanna try the mochi balls next %%

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