The Modern Filipino Cuisine of Sentro 1771

Home cooked meals definitely make us happier every time we go home from a very stressful day. However, wouldn’t it be satisfying to taste homemade Filipino dishes with a twist? Sentro 1771 offers the kind of Filipino cuisine that we have never tasted before. The restaurant presents and cooks Filipino dishes in a different way making it stand out among other Filipino restaurants.

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Chateau Group of Restaurants, also known as 1771 Restaurants, all have delicious dishes thanks to Chef Vicky Pacheco. I have personally known her because I was a part of the company before, and I can attest to her big dedication when it comes to improvement. Meanwhile, I was invited by OpenRice Philippines last December 3, 2013 to dine at Sentro 1771.

sentro (1)

Appetizers Served

Garlic Mushrooms with Chicharon P320.00

Garlic is a well known ingredient that adds flavor to dishes, but everyone knows that already. However, the contrasting texture of button mushrooms and pork cracklings (chicharon) is really the highlight of this dish.

sentro (3)

B2B Sticks P150.00

I find this dish expensive, but this skewered and grilled organic chicken gizzard is worth the price as it is cooked adobo style and the sticks are really packed.

sentro (4)

Spring Roll Served

Macau Chorizo & Cheese Tidbits P240.00

I am a big fan of my mom’s ham & cheese rolls, but these mini spring rolls filled with Macau chorizo and keso de bola are really delicious. I could probably try to cook this in our house for Christmas.

sentro (5)


Sinigang na Corned Beef P595.00

I’ve heard lots of raves about this dish. Before, I really thought that the dish uses canned corned beef, I was so wrong, of course. In fact, the meat used here is a corned beef short plate and boneless beef shanks. The “prague salt” used here makes the broth turn rose-pink.

sentro (6)

A la Sentro

Sauteed Lengua with Mushrooms Salpicao P550.00

At first, I thought that there is nothing special with this dish, but that was because I have only tasted the mushrooms. It was not until the other bloggers started taking portions of the dish when I saw the ox tongue and boy, was I satisfied!

sentro (7)


Fish of the Day Pandan P220.00

This one is stuffed with sauteed onions, tomatoes, miso, and malunggay, it’s tied with pandan leaves. I can tell that the Talakitok is fresh because it didn’t have a rancid odor and it wasn’t withered.

sentro (8)

Vegetables and Salads

Camote Cups P240.00 (4 pieces)

These are well-presented as the cups are carved and filled with cooked cabbage, baguio beans, carrots and sweet potatoes. The addition of sweet potatoes is unusual, but it still worked.

sentro (9)

Two-Egg Ampalaya Crepe P150.00

Whether you like eating ampalaya or not, it would be a mortal sin not to try this sautéed bitter melon dish. I almost didn’t taste the bitterness because of the egg crepe underneath and the salted duck egg on top.

sentro (10)


Fried Suman with Mangoes P180.00

I find suman and mangoes as an impossible combination, but don’t worry since its taste is acceptable.

sentro (11)

Keso Flan P220.00

When served, it is divided into three: the no-crust cheesecake and flan, the salted egg, and the keso de bola. The thing is, you have to eat these three altogether to taste the magical combination. It’s like eating a bibingka. It’s simply amazing.

sentro (12)

Banana Tart P150.00

This one is definitely a tart, but it’s a crispy one because it is a puff pastry with a creamy custard and saba (a kind of banana) on top. The blend of caramel and chocolate sauce on the side is perfect!

sentro (13)

Aside from the excellent meal served, the establishment has friendly and accommodating staff. The place seems small when you are outside, but I think it can handle up to 100 guests including the tables outside (based on my estimate). It is a perfect place for anyone who is in search for unconventional Filipino dishes.

sentro (14)

Address: Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati



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