Eden Nature Park of Davao

The main reason why I want to go to Eden Nature Park is because of Skycycle. It is a tourist attraction and the name effectively tells all the things you need to know about it. In Skycycle, a willing person needs to pedal a bicycle on air with the help of a safety harness. I came across this tourist attraction when I saw it on a TV show in GMA 7.


Since my mom is from Davao, we chose to spend our vacation there for three days. Unfortunately, Eden Nature Park was closed last December 25. As a result, we had to reschedule our trip there on the next day.


On the 26th, we visited my Lolo at the cemetery and went to the beach with the rest of our relatives. Needless to say, most of our day was packed with activities. We were able to arrive at Eden Nature Park at around 4:00 PM. We never thought that it would be very far from where we were. For commuters coming from Toril, there are singles (motorcycles) that you can rent for P100-P150 with a driver.

Since we failed to experience the fun Skycycle, we just settled on paying the P200.00 entrance fee. We roamed around the park and enjoyed our free meal courtesy of the park. The park offers a free meal per person until 5:30 PM only. We thought that the meal would be self-service at first, because the plates were all scattered around their bar, but the waitress said that they will be the ones to serve our meal. The meal took a long time to be served. I guess that’s just because there were many people at that time.


Below is the guide map which was handed to us as well as the photos of some of the places that we saw.



Eden Nature Park is a very large park that you will really need to ride a shuttle. They offer a shuttle tour for a fee. It’s certainly one of the best places to be at if you want to feel closer to God, or at least that is how I felt when I went there. It is a perfect place for recollection or retreats.


Beautiful Sceneries


I will definitely come back to complete the adventure. I hope I can try the Skycycle next time. I will try to spare a whole day at Eden Nature Park when I come back. This is because the problem with this particular visit is that my flight to Manila is 9:00 PM, so we had to leave Eden at exactly 6:00 PM. Oh well, until next time, Eden Nature Park.


Fishing Village – P40.00


Vista Playground



Eden Sports Field


Horseback Riding & Obstacle Course






Indiana Jones





11 thoughts on “Eden Nature Park of Davao

  1. Wow! I wanna go here! BF and I are thinking of going to Davao this year. We heard a lot of beautiful things about Davao and really wanted to visit. I’ll take note of this place. That Skyrider! ❤ 😀 Btw, that shirt is from blogapalooza! Sayang didn't see you there 😦

  2. grabe hihimatayin ata ako sa skyrider ^^ too bad you guys werent able to try skycycle tho would love to hear your thoughts on it, mostly anong level of fear yung maeexperience mo when you try it! 🙂

    1. 200 – entrance fee for Eden Park (strolling and picture taking) only.
      Pwede pumasok sa fishing area, may bayad lang kapag ka mag fifishing ka. then, we weren’t able to ride a shuttle to because we arrived late but it cost P120.00 per person. The fare from Toril City to there is P100 – P150. depends to the driver. 🙂

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