Boundless Red China

Isn’t red the symbol of love? That could probably be the reason why we chose to dine in Red China last Sunday, because my mom and dad reconciled that day. Well, they had this “silent treatment” for two days; you know, just a petty issue between a husband and wife. For me, I just find it funny because they were like teenagers. For three years straight, they were together for the longest time since my dad has retired from his engineering duties abroad.

Speaking of abroad, Red China is a restaurant from Singapore. It opened its first branch in TriNoma last August 12, 2013. My mom wouldn’t miss eating here for she loves to eat Chinese-influenced food.

red china (3)

2 Roast Combinations P 275.00
Because Red China’s specialties are their roasts, we ordered 2 Roast Combinations—Roast Chicken Original and Roast Pork Asado. Both of them are seasoned well with spices, but the chicken’s seasoning is much stronger than that of the pork. I’m the foodie type who is not really fond of Chinese’s lasang gamot flavor (if you know what I mean), so I prefer the Roast Pork Asado more.

2 roast combination
2 roast combination

Jasmine Rice P 40.00
Sadly, their rice is so clumpy.

jasmine rice
jasmine rice

Fish Fillet with Taosi P 140.00
I expected that this dish might have the typical flavor, but I was surprised that it the after-taste was like it was roasted. I recommend this one.

red china (5)
fish fillet with taosi

Taiwan Pechay P 120.00
Choices: Garlic Flavored or Oyster Sauce Flavored

taiwan pechay
taiwan pechay

If our own pechay here in the Philippines is quite insipid, Taiwan’s Pechay is more bland. Maybe if I chose the garlic flavored one I’d be able to appreciate this dish.

Pork Chop P 160.00
Their pork chop is served with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce dip which is very delicious.

pork chop
pork chop

Iced Grass Jelly P 85.00
Just like gulaman.

iced grass jelly
iced grass jelly

As a whole, the pricing here is affordable and their servings are good for two which is just enough for the three of us, because we are not really heavy-eaters. The restaurant is full of tables which makes the place appear crowded. However, the good side is that they can accommodate more diners, especially during peak hours. Diners are mostly people between 30-50 years old; some of them take their kids with them—this is surely a family-oriented restaurant.

red china (10)

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

Red China by Super Bowl

1st Floor, TriNoma Mall, North Avenue, QC

10:00 – 21:30



12 thoughts on “Boundless Red China

  1. It’s good to know that their price is not too high. I want to try their Fish Fillet with Taosi when I have the chance to visit this place. It looks yummy!

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