The Chophouse in TriNoma

My college friends and I met in TriNoma to talk about the summer getaway we’re brewing on May. With that in mind, we have decided to iron out further details for our getaway in a place where we think that only a few of diners would come before the sun sets—we decided to settle on this restaurant located at the fourth level of TriNoma.

Drew ordered Nachos (P 275) which perked up his mood from his tiring basketball game that day. This dish has spiced beef, tomato salsa, cheese sauce, and sour cream. It was plentiful and satisfying!


I ordered another appetizer called Crispy Crab Puffs (P 195). It is deep fried, but after experiencing the crunchiness, the soft texture of the crab meat stuffed inside welcomed our hungry mouths along with the luscious whipped cream cheese and has mango salsa for dipping. It’s a must try. Also, one plate comes with 6 puffs.


Three of my friends ordered Char-Grilled Greek Chicken (P 250) and they laughed about how their taste in food is alike. The chicken meat is marinated in garlic, olive oil, and yogurt. Yes, I can taste the slightly sour flavor, but it was not so bad. J


Mika ordered Chicken Margherita (P 299). It is a grilled boneless chicken with tomatoes, basil puree, and mozzarella cheese. The taste of the chicken is similar to the ones served in World Chicken. Moreover, this one comes with aglio olio pasta and has a salad on the side.


I ordered for Cuban Spiced Grill Chicken (P 285) because I read in a book about how delicious Cuban cuisine is, but I guess too much expectations should be avoided. Unfortunately, the dish was a fail. I mean, it was not even spicy. However, the ala pobre garlic sauce is very good. It is served with shallot chive rice and fried bananas.


This burger was ordered by Hans, but I completely forgot to ask him what it was.


There is nothing I can say more regarding their ambience because it’s cozy, well-furnished, and somewhat peaceful. They also offer yakiniku wherein you have to take your meal al fresco. Their yakiniku is unlimited for 1 person. However, the staff is kind of lousy that night, plus the order took a long time to be served. The food is not really something that could be called special, but we were probably just not satisfied because we haven’t tried their specialties—steaks and yakinikus. However, the good thing about this place is that their servings are really enormous and were priced reasonably. Maybe, if I could dine here again, I will try their steaks to really have a complete gastronomic experience. Perhaps doing so would change my mind about this place, so I can give it a more pleasing evaluation.


Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Taste: 3.5/5

The Chophouse Charcoal Steaks and Yakinikus

4th Level TriNoma, EDSA corner North Avenue, North Triangle, Quezon City

10:00 – 22:00


24 thoughts on “The Chophouse in TriNoma

  1. I think I already ate at this restaurant together with my friends also. The food was forgettable but it’s the company that you are with that counts.


  2. Gastronomic delights! Food food and more food! I must find this Chophouse place. I haven’t been out of the house for quite a while since my husband had hip replacement surgery. Wonder if they deliver?

  3. Everything looks good but not the average price my bf and I were looking for. We already paid too much on Racks before. Any recos on more affordable resto in Trinoma?

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