Paraw Sailing, Island Hopping, Puka Shells, and Fire Dance in Boracay

Paraw Sailing

We paid P200 each for this activity. The waves kept splashing on our faces as we approached the sunset and so Drew’s flip flops were carried away by the tides. Goodbye, Sandugo!

activities in Boracay (1)

activities in Boracay (2)

Island Hopping

We paid P1,800 for 7 pax to have a splendid experience. It was my first time to experience snorkeling – a way to see the fantastic world under the sea with goggles and a breathing tube. I had a chance to feed a school of fish. God, it was beautiful! We also went to Sol Marina where the water is much clearer than the ones near the jam-packed parts of Boracay.activities in Boracay (4)




activities in Boracay (8)

Sol Marina



Puka Shells Beach

The beach is not as busy as Station 1,2, and 3. When we arrived there, there were people playing volleyball and having picnics on the sand. We reached the place via tricycle where we paid P25.00 each. The good news is that there’s no entrance fee here. Here I was taking photos of the sunset while an American guy blocked my view. It was nice of him to say sorry. I shouted back that it was okay. This made my friends encouraged me to pursue the guy, but I told them that I’m not the type who would make the first move. They apologized and told me that they just wanted me to not be alone. On a positive note, we ate PIZZA in this place! Haha!

activities in Boracay (11)

activities in Boracay (6)
Bhing and Drew
activities in Boracay (7)
Pat and Mix

Fire Dance

Fire dance, for those who might not know, is a dance where the performer holds a flaming container and rotates it depending to the music. It happens every night in Boracay in which they are famous for. Don’t worry for they are professionals and follows safety measures. The price for Sand Bar is P350 consumable of food and drinks and have that photo op!

activities in Boracay (12)
Caren and Hans

And here’s our cray-cray and groupie moments!

collageeeee no pat copy


16 thoughts on “Paraw Sailing, Island Hopping, Puka Shells, and Fire Dance in Boracay

  1. If not for the crowd I will still love Boracay, but since sobrang dami na ng tao , Boracay is now one of my least beach I love in the Philippines. I’d go Bantaya, Puerto Princesa and Davao next time. You look like you had ultra fun though that’s what matters

  2. OMG Missing beach trips so bad because of this post! And I’m so jealous you got to try parasailing!! In the places we stayed in, parasailing rates were just so freaking expensive 😦 Looks like you had fun in Boracay! 😀

  3. Hay, when will uli ako makapunta sa Boracay.. Sure you have a fun experience there. My wife had a great time doon sa Puka Shells Beach. yaw ng umalis, type nya kasi iuwi lahat ng Puka shells doon,. ha,ha,ha.. bawal naman

  4. Hayyy I really regret not taking the paraw sailing in Bora last month. Something came up kasi kaya nacancel yung paraw sailing namin on the last day of our trip 😀

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