Affordable Food Finds in Boracay

There are a hundred of restaurants you could pass by in Boracay but for a frugal wanderer like myself, I certainly wanted to save money by trying out different kinds of restos and other food establishments while on a vacation in a wonderful land. Here is a list of the places where my friends and I dined during our stay.

1. 928 Café and Grill. Located at Station 2, they offer breakfast meals for as low as P95.00.Image

2. Kolai Mangyan Fudhaus. Located at the main road of Station 1, their price starts at P100. I ordered their best seller which is Sizzling Beef Teriyaki in White Sauce. They are also open for 24 hours.Image

3. Sharetea Boracay. Located in D’Mall, the price of drinks offered here is basically the same as the ones offered by the teahouses we have in Metro Manila.Image

4. Manz BBQ. This one is near the scuba diving area of Station 1. Their isaw is effin delicious and is priced at P10.00. The vendor told us her secret with the sauce, and I have no plans of sharing it with you. Bleh! It’s good to eat street food after your swim during the sunset. I swear. Image

5. Bite Club Grilled Burgers. Located in D’Mall, the price of burgers offered here starts at P200+ (if I’m not mistaken). Their burgers could be compared to Brother’s Burgers, so the price isn’t exactly that bad. 🙂 Image

6. Slush Drinks Pepsi. This is located at Station 1 in some alley leading to the main road. For P50.00, their drinks will surely quench your thirst. Image

7. Yellow Cab. We are all familiar with this pizza chain and we all know it’s not really the most affordable pizza there is. Nevertheless, it was convenient to bring to Puka Shells BeachImage

8. Jonah’s Fruitshake and Snackbar. Located at Station 1, the establishment’s price starts at P75.00. I tried their Banana Choco Peanut. It’s difficult to consume in one glug, because the serving is big. 🙂 The place is noted to serve the best fruit shakes in town, so people really line up. Image

9. Ole. Located in D’Mall, the place specializes in Cuban, Mexican, and Spanish cuisines. An onlooker would think that it’s an expensive restaurant. However, they also offer Filipino dishes where price starts at P100+. (Sorry, I’m quite sketchy with the price here, because I did not pay for the meal I ate here, hehe) Their sisig is good, though.Image

10. Super Submarine Sandwich Shop. Located in D’Mall, their 6-inch sub is priced at P155. You might think it’s pricey but the sub has a really generous filling. However, the seller was slightly unfriendly. Even the Korean next to me was given the cold shoulder. Lol. I thought it was just me.Image

11. Beach Hut Bar Boracay. Located in Station 1, which is near our place. The shakes they offer cost around P199 which might be too costly, but this is because you can take home the drink’s container/long tumbler. You can go back to get another shake with your container and pay only P99.00 forever! They also have branches in Bora-Bora, Bali, Phuket, Palau, Maldives, and Hawaii.Image

12. Angel Wish Dish Paluto. This one is located in D’ Talipapa. To get here, you have to take a tricycle. Their food is good but the experience my friends and I have on this place is something you might want to read about. Click the LINK for the story. Image

If you still think that you want that unlimited rice or that super affordable meal, you can always dine at more familiar places like Mang Inasal and Andok’s! 🙂 Image

Want to know other restaurants worth visiting in Boracay? This link might be helpful. Click here.


21 thoughts on “Affordable Food Finds in Boracay

  1. I’ve never been to Boracay but I’d love to go one day! Thanks for this list. I’ll be sure to remember these places when I finally head on over!

  2. “There are a hundred of restaurants you could pass by in Boracay but for a frugal wanderer like myself, I certainly wanted to save money”

    Me too 🙂 I live in Boracay so I really need to eat on a budget. I agree 928 is a good place, specifically for breakfast. Also try Viveri’s Cafe next time in Station 3 ambulong road. That’s best value for money resto in Boracay imo. Delicious for a small price.

    Cheers, Paul

      1. Cool, glad to hear you enjoy Boracay so much as well 🙂 I had the same thing happen to me when I first left Boracay after I stayed for 6 months. After I left the feeling of miss was so strong that all I wanted was to return, and I did (it’s my new home now).

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