My Stay in Punta Del Este, Puerto Galera

Obin, one of my high school friends, saw this deal for an overnight stay at Punta Del este in Puerto Galera from last April and we decided to grab that deal and schedule a barkada trip there. The deal is good for 8 persons wherein we paid P 1,750 each. The reservation was arranged by my friend, Katre, who got in contact with the villa’s co-owner Miss Shyla. Our friend, Edward, paid for the trip first on our behalf in order to reserve a slot before the deal ends. From June 7 to 8, we cosseted ourselves into this secluded area of Puerto Galera.Punta Del Este

Punta Del Este has two villas, Kasbah Remo and Villa Sarimanok; we occupied the latter. Villa Sarimanok has two houses, and it is a patio-style villa.

credits to Migs Ang Co
VILLA SARIMANOK PATIO photo by Obin Lucero
VILLA SARIMANOK PATIO photo by Obin Lucero
VILLA SARIMANOK HOUSE 2 photo by Obin Lucero


The first house has two rooms which can accommodate up to 4 people and each room has its own shower room. The rooms were all clean and well-kept when we arrived and all rooms are not air conditioned. No worries about it though, because the villa is on top of a hill, which means that the place is breezy. Trust me on this one.

villa sarimanok house 1 (2) villa sarimanok house 1 (3)


The second house has two rooms as well. Each room has its own shower room, too. On the other hand, there is a powder room near the living room as well. Towels were provided and they also have safety vaults, hangers, and electric fans for guests.villa sarimanok house 2 (2) villa sarimanok house 2 (3)

In addition, it is at the second house where the indoor dining area, the living room, and the kitchen can be found. The furniture and fixtures are all pleasant to look at, agree?villa sarimanok furniture (1)

villa sarimanok house 2 (5)

photo by Obin Lucero
photo by Obin Lucero
photo by Migs Ang Co
photo by Migs Ang Co


This part is just beside the dining area where there is a set of plastic chairs (kindly look at the left please) and it is also a place where you can see the Varadero Bay.villa sarimanok garden (1)

Varadero bay and Tabinay Cove
Varadero bay
Varadero Bay and Tabinay Cove
Varadero Bay

This is where we dry ourselves up, because it is the one nearest to the pool. However, this area is where mosquitoes come to bite.villa sarimanok garden (2)

After enduring multiple mosquito bites, we moved to this table and this is where we had our dinner and our inuman session.villa sarimanok garden (3)DSC_2557


It has a foot-shaped pool and a Jacuzzi but the Jacuzzi was not working at that time. (We weren’t sure why, and we didn’t bother to ask). There’s a clothesline near the pool and an outdoor shower, too. The pool area is the perfect spot to view the Varadero Bay and the Tabinay Cove. By perfect, I really mean perfect. In fact, we took so many photos with that view as a backdrop. Lol. The mountain view and the sea are truly ravishing.


From the villa, we have our own access to the beach; we just had to take giant steps to go down and enjoy this scene.

photo from Obin Lucero
photo from Obin Lucero
photo from Migs Ang Co
photo from Migs Ang Co

villa sarimanok beach (6)


The things that were also included in the package are: a daily maid service (we had Ate Renalyn help us out), a free lunch or free breakfast, and a WiFi access. For our dinner and pulutan, we decided to give Ate Renalyn P 200 each to satisfy our cravings for pork, squid, soup, and tofu. She gave us the receipt from the food she bought (we gave her extra cookie points for that) We truly enjoyed the dishes that she cooked. The presentation was appetizing and the tastes of all the dishes were excellent. The morning after, we had our breakfast buffet which is already included in the package. The villa can actually accommodate up to 12 persons.

villa sarimanok breakfast copy
Buffet Breakfast by Punta del Este
villa sarimanok dinner copy
Dinner and Pulutan

I highly recommend this place for people who would rather want to have a peaceful vacation and get away from the bustle of the crowded White Beach in Puerto Galera. I can see that this could be a good venue for a family reunion or an event celebration. Some of us who came are single. At first, we thought that we could have what we call “aura-aura” (in other words, we thought we could try to catch the attention of some guys’) but apparently, the villa is very much in a private and secluded location. However, if you’re like our barkada that’s simply satisfied with our own silliness, Punta del Este is the perfect place to have a #CrazyWeekendWithTheCrazies #PuntaDelEsteKaRin

villa sarimanok groupie copy

Value: 5

Location: 5

Cleanliness: 5

Service: 5

Room: 4

villa sarimanok logo copy


Address: Tabinay Munti, Puerto Galera, Mindoro 1811, Philippines


14 thoughts on “My Stay in Punta Del Este, Puerto Galera

  1. My office mates have just invited me to go to Puerto Galera as we have never been there before. Wow nice experience! The pool area looks captivating. 🙂

  2. That was a very good deal you got there! Nice place, nice price, good company, what more can you ask for?

  3. This could be a real fun and worth remembering. I love the bay part and the trees surrounding. Of course the cozy rooms add to the taste. Wanna book someday.

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