Conti’s in Katipunan Avenue

One Saturday evening, our friend Danicca who lives in the US (link for my barkada’s brief background here) surprised us that she’s here in the Philippines for a vacation. My friends and I planned that we’ll visit our friends at work, but we didn’t expect that we’d be with Danicca. She and our other friend Drew made a nice conspiracy. Anyway, visiting a friend’s work place is not a problem for us, because our friend is working at a restaurant where we also plan on eating. We visited our friend, Caren, who works at Conti’s and that’s where we had a sumptuous dinner. DSC_2979

I know I’ve dropped too many names, but there will be more in the next paragraphs. Lol. Anyway, the people I’m talking about in this post are actually my college friends.

Bhing and I decided to share a Mango Royale Salad (P 165.00) because we found it very unique. Imagine having greens with fresh mango cubes tossed in a special Conti’s house dressing. How healthy is that? Meanwhile, I had Chicken Mac & Cheese (P 230.00) because I really felt full at that time and I figured that a pasta dish is enough to last me the entire night. This comes with herbed roasted chicken. Their chicken serving seems enormous. The pasta has the typical Mac & Cheese taste, but I was delighted with this dish. Paolo ordered Grilled Pork Chops (P 320.00) and these two pieces herb-coated pork chops were also enormous and lavishly flavored. Plus, you can choose to have it served with either saffron mushroom rice or garlic rice. Talking French, roulade comes in a French term, meaning “to roll”. Drew ordered Chicken Roulade (P 245.00) which is a chicken roll with spinach, cheese, and caramelized onion. You can also choose whether you want it served with garlic rice or saffron mushroom rice.

Mango Royale Salad
Mango Royale Salad
Chicken Mac & Cheese
Chicken Mac & Cheese
Grilled Pork Chops
Grilled Pork Chops
Chicken Roulade
Chicken Roulade

In the mean time, Kang decided to have Conti’s Baked Salmon (P 360.00). It is a Norwegian pink salmon. I tried it and thought that the toppings are delicious. It is served with buttered vegetables and paella rice. Bhing ordered American Grilled Ribs (P 300.00) served with buttered vegetables, choice of mashed potato, garlic rice, or steamed rice. Their spare ribs are tender and basted with a flavorful sauce. I didn’t know how Danicca’s dish tasted like, but she had the New Zealand Mussels & Mushroom Pasta (P 230.00). The fettuccine comes in a creamy white sauce with New Zealand mussels, mushroom and garlic.

Conti's Baked Salmon
Conti’s Baked Salmon
American Grilled Ribs
American Grilled Ribs
 New Zealand Mussels & Mushroom Pasta
New Zealand Mussels & Mushroom Pasta

The place is a casual-fine dining restaurant and it has a cozy ambience. The night we had were full of strikes, slaps, hugs, chats, joys. It was just like dining at home. The price is affordable, yet the service, servings, and the food are all satisfying. Ok, you might think I’m saying positive things, because my friend works here, but this feedback is true.

On the down side, we were unable to fully talk to Caren at that time, because she’s busy handling an event and the workflow of the whole restaurant. It was my first time to eat there and it’s gratifying. Before, I only care about their cakes, lol.


Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5


Conti’s Katipunan Branch
(Function Rooms Available)
224 Katipunan Ave. Extension, Brgy. Blue Ridge, Quezon City
Tel. No:
(+632) 682-0812; (+632) 646-3306;
(+632) 439-1238


17 thoughts on “Conti’s in Katipunan Avenue

  1. I have dined at Conti’s once and I loved the food there. I order Chicken Kiev. I want to try that bake salmon. I heard it is their bestseller. (Kat Centeno)

  2. The food look delicious! It’s definitely worth a taste!
    I think the best will be to go in a big group, so that we can try all the dishes!

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