Ark Avilon Zoo, Pasig

My college friends and I initially planned to visit Subic. However, we were worried since the weather was too bad on the day we scheduled our visit. So, after long conversation threads on Facebook, we decided to visit an indoor zoo instead. But, as you may very well know how weather can be too moody, the sun shone on the day of our visit to the zoo, the day when we were all bundled up in our cardigans, boots, and long sleeves. Yep, our OOTDs were basically out of place. Thank you, weather.

Anyways, the Ark Avilon Zoo is inspired by Noah’s Ark. Bible-reading people know that Noah has saved a lot of animals by letting them inside the ship he has made. Outside the zoo, there were birds that were not allowed to be  touched, unique creatures in cages, and souvenir shop. We paid P 300.00 (around $ 7.00) each for the entrance fee.

A zoo inspired from Noah's Ark
A zoo inspired from Noah’s Ark


avilon first floor

As we entered the place, we were already allowed to interact with the animals by feeding them. Of course, there’s a certain fee when you feed one and when you take a picture with it side by side. You can see fish, birds, and wild animals mostly on the first floor. This floor is where you will also find  Jenny the orangutan who is really tame.avilon birds

the yawning Jaguar
the solitude jackal – a wolf genus mammal
fierce but harmless eagles
fat coy
bear cat
bear cat you can feed
colorful macaw
colorful macaw
the well behaved orangutan
the well behaved orangutan
the curious white tiger
the curious white tiger

I’ve encountered horn bill before when I visited Davao Crocodile Park. Finally, I got to take a photo of its eyelashes. Let’s put mascara on those lashes, perhaps? Kidding!

the bird that has eyelashes
the bird that has eyelashesavilon hornbill


avilon second floor  (1) avilon second floor  (2) avilon second floor

The animals on the second floor were mostly harmless like donkeys, goats, rabbit, guinea pigs, etc. Moreover, we also saw aerial animals that cannot take flight by flapping their wings. More importantly, there was a childre’sn section where tables and chairs are available.

children area
children area
the popular timon from Lion King
the popular Timon (meerkat) from Lion King
white pony
white pony
the loud goat
the loud goat
the lonely donkey
the lonely donkey
the timid tortoise
the timid tortoise

I believe that Ark Avilon Zoo is the only indoor zoo in the Philippines. Thank God we can still visit a place without getting too bothered by the weather. However, the place could be a little humid. Also, P300 is quite pricey for me, but from the looksof how they took care of the animals, I can say that the fee is just enough to ensure the comfort of the animals living there.  To end this post, let me share with you these epic photo ops of my friends with Jenny the orangutan and Tyson the phyton. Lol

avilon photo opp

avilon photo opp 2 copy

Ark Avilon Zoo

Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, corner C5, 1604, Pasig City



28 thoughts on “Ark Avilon Zoo, Pasig

  1. wow! my little nephew will be happy to visit this. he loves animals. seriously i didnt know there is a place such this in pasig. i live in boni so this is very accessible to me 🙂 hope to visit this soon.

  2. Did you get to the jaguar up close or was it just the zooming in of the camera? I’ve never been to that zoo but heard many good stories from educational school trips.

  3. They have a lot of added features since we were last there when this was very new. P300 does seem a bit steep when you have your whole family with you!

  4. My apo was there last year as part of their school field trip. He did enjoy the experience specially taking his picture together with Jenny. His a little bit afraid at first. My say, the price is reasonable enough but more animals be added there.

  5. I haven’t been to a zoo in a long time! Last time would probably be in Night Safari in Singapore. Maybe I should start to explore the zoos in our country again. I agree with you that this one being indoor is just so convenient for the unpredictable weather.

  6. Noah Ark inspired zoo… It’s a nice concept… just that I can imagine the countless animal lovers out there protesting about animal in captivity… sigh… it happened to me when i Blogged about the dophin lagoon. 😦

  7. I never had the chance to visit Avilon Zoo 😦 The donkey looked a little bit on the thin side, I hope he’s fed well. Looks like you guys had a great time even though you initially wanted to go to Subic.

  8. What a lovely zoo! It also seems very child friendly with up close views of the wildlife… It’s a smart concept too.

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