BGC Eats 2014

Aside from the rising offices in BGC, the place has become a restaurant hub, too. This is one reason why a foodie like me makes it a point to visit Taguig at least once a month. When my blogger friend, Mars, offered me to join a BGC Eats tour, I was ecstatic. I was excited with the thought of knowing FIVE great food finds all in one day. This happened last August 16 where the event’s theme is Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran, a healthy living expert. Meanwhile, the contributing editor for Rogue and the founder of Pinoy Eats World, Chef JJ Yulo, was our energetic tour guide. We rode a BGC bus together with the other customers. I guess 80% of those who joined were were customers while the remaining 20% were bloggers.

BGC eats (1)                       BGC eats (2)

We began the tour at Salo in the Fort Strip and we met Miss Anna, the owner. Minutes after, we were served Tokwa’t Baboy (P 120.00). I loved how sharp-tasting it was. The Kamote Chips (P 105.00) they served next was excellent. In fact, everyone in our table loved it. The Adobong Kangkong (P 84.00) and the Tapsilog (P 140.00),  on the other hand, tasted typical. However, the Tuyosilog (P 145.00) has a delightful kick to it. Knowing that BGC is high-end, one would immediately think that the pricing in every establishment would put a dent in one’s wallet.It’s a good thing that Salo offers affordable dishes.This was surely a shocker for me.

BGC eats (8)
Salo BGC

BGC eats (3)                       BGC eats (4)BGC eats (5)                       BGC eats (6)BGC eats (7)

Healthy tip from Denice: Eating colored rice makes you lose more calories than eating white rice.

Yummy Soy is also located in the Fort Strip. Yummy Soy originally came from Singapore and the brand sells Soy milk and beancurd products. Their prices range between P 75.00 – P 85.00. You can put add-ons like pearls, nata de coco, strawberry pops, lychees, coffee jelly, grass jelly, mixed fruit jelly etc. Their soy lasts for five days only. One can distinctly know the difference of Yummy Soy from taho.

BGC eats (10)
Yummy SoyBGC eats (9)

Healthy tip from Denice: Soy is great for vegetarian sand it also contains isoflavones. The news that claim that eating soy could increase a person’s estrogen level is merely a propaganda created by the beef industry.  In reality, one must eat eleven kilos of soy a day of soy to have increase their estrogen level. I doubt anyone could handle 11 kilos of soy in a day? Pfftt!

Suzhou Eastern Chinese Cuisine is located at the 2nd floor of Crossroads Building in 32nd Street. The two young Chinese owners warm-heartedly welcomed us to their restaurant. the place is designed with traditional Chinese interiors. Our lunch started with a thick Sour & Spicy Soup (P 180.00) with mushrooms, tofu, and carrot tidbits among others. This was the first time I had this kind of soup and I liked how it tasted. The Pancake with Spring Onions, on the other hand, is just ordinary. However, I was so happy with the next dish they served, which are the Steamed Xiao Long Bao and Steamed Kuchay and Dumpling. They were totally irresistible and succulent.

The Salt and Pepper Fried Tofu looked like nuggets. We braced ourselves when we saw the Stir Fried Noodle Beef being carried by the waiters. I did not like how it tasted, though. Some of my old friends know I’m not fond of some Chinese dishes since I feel like tasting medicine. According to my Chinese blogger friend, Jam, that kind of flavor is from the sate sauce. I finally knew what that taste was! We capped off our meal with a Fortune Cookie. Their cookies were good!

Suzhou Eastern Chinese Cuisine
Suzhou Eastern Chinese CuisineBGC eats (11)

BGC eats (13)                       BGC eats (14)BGC eats (15)                       BGC eats (16)BGC eats (17)                       BGC eats (18)BGC eats (19)

Healthy tip from Denice: Colorful vegetables are the healthiest, because they have phytonutrients, which flushes out toxins from our body. The purple kamote is one of the healthiest leafy veggies, by the way.

Phat Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant, which opened first in Cebu and now has branch in Serenda. We also met Miss Maita, the owner. She told us a little background about the menu. We tried Chicken Satay and I would compare to a BBQ we used to have here. However, this one has caramelized toasted shallots paired with peanut butter sauce for dipping. Of course, trying out Vietnamese food would not be complete without the rice paper rolls/ gỏi cuốn stuffed with Chilled Shrimps. It has vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms, carrots, daikon, peanut, and fresh herbs. I liked the food that we had here! We had Calamansi Juice as our thirst-quencher.

Phat Pho
Phat PhoBGC eats (22)BGC eats (24)

Crip on 28th  is located in Alveo Land Corporate Center in 28th Street, owned by Erwan, Carmela, and Julien. They just opened three weeks ago so we found ourselves lucky to be one of the few people to try out their food first. The Salmon Sliders which is rich in omega-3 surprised all of the guests, while the Crab Cakes that spoke in volume were crunchy. Meanwhile, the rice meals kept popping on our table. We first tried Trio Longganisa that was not too sweet and not too salty – the perfect kind of longganisa for me. We savored the sinful Adobo Flakes and Crispy Corned Beef. We all felt that it was how breakfasts in Manila should always be.

The time for sweets arrived, and though we were bloated, our eyes twinkled with delight. I especially like the Banana Cream Cheese, the Chocolate Nutella Cookies, and the Brownie Fudge. The desserts were made by Carmela. They are having a courtyard soon for jazz nights, outdoor barbecue, and for the diners who wanted to dine al fresco. They would also be offering protein bars and protein shakes to cater to the needs of the people in BGC.

BGC eats (36)
Crisp on 28th

DSC_3411-2           DSC_3413           DSC_3415-2

BGC eats (28)                       BGC eats (30)BGC eats (31)                       BGC eats (32)BGC eats (33)                       BGC eats (29)

As the tour nears its end, we were told about the most important health tip – to eat in moderation. I find this ironic since we were fed with too much food at that time. Not that I’m complaining, but still. Anyways, I qould like to extend my regards to Arts at BGC for this educational and fun tour. God, now I want to live near BGC!BGC eats (35)


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  1. I have recently seen pink rice instead of the usual red, brown and black rice. Do you think this is also healthy than white rice? All these restaurants are happy thrills of a foodie!

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