My Hair Color Operation in Status Salon

After attending an event at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s restaurant, I went straight to have my hair cut and colored at Status Salon. I always choose this salon, because they make my hair look and feel healthy. Perhaps this is because the products that they use suit me well.

status salon (7)                      status salon (9)

I had my hair digitally-permed from the same salon (check out my post here). After one year, this is how my hair looks like and it’s amazing that my locks still managed to maintain the curls I got. status salon (1)

I was ready for a big change. So, Orland, one of the senior stylists in their Tomas Morato branch, suggested that I try a copper shade for my hair and I agreed. By the way, posted below is the price list of the salon’s services. The ‘M’ length applies to the hair length that touches the shoulder blade, while ‘L’ length applies to hair length that falls on the bra line. I decided to go with the shorter one.

status salon (2)

To begin, Edu (his assistant), washed my hair first, so that it will be easier to cut. Their haircut costs P 350.00. Orland began to comb my hair, which is definitely a no-no for a digi-permed hair. Is this the end of my curly locks?status salon (3)

They started to apply the color on my locks, leaving my roots untouched. After about 40 minutes, they applied the color on the roots of my hair and I waited again for another 15 minutes. After all the waiting, it was rinsed and Orland did a few styling adjustments on my hair. Edu, then, blow dried my hair, making it straight. However, he did put subtle curls on the ends. I was contemplating whether or not I would bid my permed hair days adieu. Nevertheless, it was okay, because my hair looked nice and different.

status salon (8)
Orland, Me, and Edu

When I took a bath the next morning, however, I was amazingly surprised to see that the perm survived all the processing and styling that my hair went through. I thought my curls were gone for good after all the combing and blow drying. Here’s how it looks now.status salon (4)

Since makeup transformations have gone viral, I will end this pose with my own makeup hair transformation. Haha!status salon (5)

Status Salon

282, Tomas Morato Avenue, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Tomas Morato: 4630069status salon (6)


18 thoughts on “My Hair Color Operation in Status Salon

  1. Something is telling that I also need a hair makeover 🙂 I am still torn if I should get curls or go short-straight hair 😀 You look good in your new do! They did a great job!

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