Belmeré Skin Centre, Shaw

Looking presentable is not an easy task. Aside from having well-fixed hair, appealing makeup, and perfectly fit body, it is also important to take care of our skin. The skin is the largest organ in our body and it’s one of the first things people see, which is why it should not be neglected.

Last September 22, Miss Dina of DigitalMediaPH gave me a chance to pamper my skin, along with other bloggers, at the Belmere Skin Centre in Shaw Boulevard.belmere (2)

Belmere Skin Centre opened in 2009, but it is now under a new management headed by Miss Michelle Acero. She welcomed us kindheartedly and shared with us their services. Their facial care service is their specialty, and that’s the one I tried.

belmere (1)

I have decided to try their Facial Express, Diamond Peel, and Ionotherapy.

They use all natural products, so this is a definite thumbs up for me. The attendant assigned to me wiped my face using wet wipes soaked in distilled water. After that, she applied a cleansing cream on my face. The next product that she applied is an orange facial scrub that contains Vitamin C. At this point, I felt that my face is already clean, because I have never tried scrubbing my face. She turned on the steam to open up my pores. After removing the facial scrub, she then worked in a squalane lotion on my face. It was relaxing and the aroma oil was really soothing. The Facial Express lasted for 35 minutes and it costs P 350 only!belmere (12)

The Diamond Peel, on the other hand, started with the tool below (picture) and the attendant only set the machine for 10 minutes, because my skin on the face is thin. After that, she removed my blackheads and whiteheads and I praised her for making the pain is bearable. The firming cream was applied next and she then used a laser. She said that the laser has a high frequency which helps combat aging and it also closes the pores. The Belmere Skin Centre has an ongoing promo, wherein clients can pay P888 for their diamond peel and facial express. You can now say hello to a healthy-looking skin without breaking the bank!

shine bright like a diamond
shine bright like a diamond

Meanwhile, we proceeded with the Ionotherapy after the diamond peel. The attendant applied iono serum gel on my face and used the green tool on the picture to scatter the gel. After that, she infused Vitamin C into my skin using a cold hammer (see the picture below). According to my attendant, the Vitamin C often gets destroyed easily during infusion when other devices are used and that the cold hammer is the most effective tool to get the job done. Well, the feeling is really cool. She massaged the cold hammer to my face until the gel was absorbed. She massaged an anti-inflammatory cream and sunscreen onto my skin to finish the session. Ionotherapy costs P 600.

belmere (13)

belmere (14)
cold hammer

Alice, one of my new found blogger friends, tried the Facial, Diamond Peel, and LED Face Rejuvenation. I wanted to take photos of the other bloggers, but I can’t find their rooms.belmere (17)

Anyway, we had a pizza party after our treatment and chatted more with Miss Michelle. She shared that she used to be one of Belmere clients before until she became the new owner. Since she used to be one of the customers, she understands the importance of making customers feel relaxed.

belmere (18)
Miss Michelle on the right

Moreover, she said that there will be an upcoming advanced equipment that will be safe to use even when a client is wearing jewelry or any type of metal (like braces or retainers) attached to their body during procedures. The price range of Belmere Skin Centre is affordable. They have 6 months unlimited slimline treatment for only P 30,000 payable in 12 months with 0% interest when you use a credit card. belmere (1)

Their branch in Alabang will be moved from Aurora Building to CTP Alpha Building, so let’s just wait until the management announces their official opening. They also have soaps that are very much loved by their customers, and we were so lucky to get them for free! I can’t wait to try these soaps!belmere (21) belmere (22) belmere (23)

My friendly attendant told me that the effect of the treatment I had will be visible after three days. True enough, my face looked vibrant, clear, and clean three days after. By the way, my face was oily and red during the first two days, but that’s just normal. The photo below shows the good effects of the procedures I had. (Geez, I forgot to take a before photo!)

looks like I'm wearing BB cream!
looks like I’m wearing BB cream! please don’t mind my eye luggage, teehee

Belmere Skin Centre

G/F, 17 RN Building, Barangay San Antonio, Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City

470-4133 & 0927-576-7019


belmere (1)


8 thoughts on “Belmeré Skin Centre, Shaw

  1. What a wonderful treat for you and your bloggy friends Jam! Your skin looks great in the after pic. I feel it’s good to begin with and has improved through the facial and other treatments. I miss pampering myself since moving to the US. Can’t wait for a facial once I visit.

  2. You look refreshed after the treatment. It’s also nice that they offer unlimited treatments though P30K might be a bit high though could we worth it if you avail their service frequently.

  3. your skin looks so radiant and smooth after the treatment. Good thing businesses that offer services like this are now everywhere in the city, it would be easy to spot one if you need facial treatment. Might as well try it here in the future.

  4. I don’t think I have ever been there nor have seen their store – makes me feel interested seems like a good one to visit.

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