Paseo de Santa Rosa, Laguna

My workmate has been wanting to try wakeboarding since November, but because my mom’s and my dad’s birthdays were celebrated on two consecutive Saturdays, I told my workmate to schedule it on December instead.

While December has arrived, the weather was still quite unfavorable, because typhoon Ruby hit Metro Manila. Nonetheless, we still pushed through our trip to Laguna!Paseo (2)

Instead of going to Nuvali first, we went straight to Paseo de Santa Rosa to shop.Paseo (8)

It was a good idea to start off the trip by hopping at the outlet store as it brightened up the gloomy day. We bought cool items for a really good price.Paseo (3)

The outlet store is not the only thing that enthrallled us, the place itself was nice as well. Its environment is like a park with all the lush greenery. It was a really spacious place.Paseo (6)

Paseo (7)

Paseo (1) Paseo (4)

Based on my observation, most of the shoppers are carrying a Nike shopping bag. For non-sporty gals, don’t worry as there are outlets like Aldo, Bench Group (Bench, Charles & Keith, F&X, etc), Adidas, Grendha, Ipanema, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Speedo, Timberland, and Crocs.Paseo (10) Paseo (5)

Paseo de Santa Rosa is also near Laguna Central Mall, so going there is like hitting two birds with one stone.  Enjoy shopping!

Paseo (9)

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for this post or any material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.


One thought on “Paseo de Santa Rosa, Laguna

  1. From foodies to shopping spree, what a twist of task. I know you’re multi-tasking fellow. You’re always on the go to keep on writing places you visited, foods you tasted, and everything under the sun which you would like you readers, followers to know. I admire you for that. – Gil Camporazo

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