Kogi, Gateway Mall

Sometimes, I believe that our mind is the most powerful tool to make things happen and sometimes I think the opposite way every time that I wish for won’t came true. I am saying this because I just remembered this day of writing that I craved for a Korean cuisine few weeks ago. My Kpop friends (I was a Kpop fan before) were not easy to gather anymore because we have our own lives to deal so I see no chance of eating a Korean dish with them. We really idolized them – Koreans. Eating their food, watching their music videos over and over, are the crazy things we did where we had the pointwe skit their Kdrama and film ourselves, hahaha!

Back to the present day, my high school friend Jeck who is not a Kpop fan was with me last May 24, 2015. We went to City of Dreams not to play but to just take a visit so we won’t be a foreigner in our own city. The City of Dreams bus dropped off us in Cubao since we are Northerners. We were amazed that the bus ride is for free and we’re shallow like that, I know! 😀

Camera 360

While walking in Gateway at the third level, we saw the Kogi restaurant and it was lovely because the ambience seems happy. There is nothing too special with the interiors but the restaurant was well lit that probably makes the people wanted to try dining in. The songs played are KPop so Kpop fans would really appreciate dining here. The restaurant is spacious and could probably accommodate for more than 70 pax. Jeck and I seated at the corner where beside us is a clear glass that we can see the busy streets and the outdoor grillers near the Araneta Couliseum.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

We chose the cheapest rice meal, kkk. Jeck ordered for  Dweji (P 148). Dweji in Korean means pig so to translate, the meat for this one is pork but barbecue flavored.Kogi (4)

My order is the famous Samgyeopsal (P 148). I am quite feeling different while eating it because I was so used of grilling the Samgyeopsal myself when dining in. Here, it is already plated so I just feel different, hahahaha. Am I a little weird to my point? By the way, Samgyeopsal is like liempo in our country (except to the fact that liempo is thick and oily)

Camera 360

Our side dishes are (I would describe how it tastes from left to right):

  1. Sweet nuts
  2. Flavorful tofu
  3. Sugary and buttery potato
  4. vinegary ampalaya
  5. The usual taste of their togue
  6. And of course, the spicy kimchi

Camera 360

We ordered 4 pcs of chicken wings (P 125). We requested for the spicy one but it’s not spicy. Maybe the order was wrong? Anyway, we still ate all of it.

Kogi (1)

Jeck looked for the menu again and was lured to try their ice cream priced P 50. She was shocked that it was the Melona ice drop she had bought at P 25 hahaha! The waiter and the waitress laughed over Jeck’s sentiments and we were laughing hard too. Meanwhile, I tried the Samanco (P 65). It’s a vanilla sandwich with red bean paste. I like how sweet it is but the bun is quite off for my liking.Kogi (5)

We were slowly walking as we went out to the restaurant simply because we were so full. The serving and the taste is satisfying except to the mystery of our chicken wings. The restaurant’s ambience is almost perfect except to the fact that their aircon was not really cool. On the other hand, I couldn’t complain to their staff because they were all friendly and casual.

Camera 360

Kogi (3) Kogi (2)

Serving: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Place: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

Address: Third Floor, Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City


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