Art in Island, Cubao

Filipinos don’t have to go to Singapore or Hong Kong to witness a 3D museum, simply because we have one in Metro Manila freshly nestled in Cubao Expo. Art in Island opened last December 24, 2014 that has hundred of paintings made by 15 Korean artists. You would see the “making” of the museum at the exit area of the in island (4)

We know that visiting a museum has its strict rules like we are not allowed to touch the master piece and to take a photo. However, Art in Island is the opposite way. As a matter of fact, to interact with the murals is the gist of building the museum. Be artsy-fartsy while taking pictures with the paintings!art in island (28)

art in island (102)

They are open from Tuesday to Sunday; from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM. Their last call for selling tickets is 8 PM. The entrance fee for student and PWD is P400 while the regular rate is P500 (11 USD).

Just so you know:

I highly suggest that you’d go during weekdays to avoid being a photo bomber or having a photo bomber in your photo. Unlucky us, we visited the place last Sunday.

art in island (42)
I was about to instruct my cousin to go to the other side but photo bombers just kept coming on the right side. 😦

art in island (115)

Shoes are not allowed so that the masterpiece won’t be ruined. I explored the place barefooted but you may also wear socks.

art in island (52)

Sometimes, there are shooting points that you would see on the floor suggesting for the best angle pointed on a specific painting.

art in island (107)

However, there are times that you would have to figure out how to interact with the painting so be as crazy and think wild!
art in island (34) art in island (99)

We roamed around the museum for 3 hours. Imagine how many paintings were there. Moreover, my SLR ran out of bat at the very last end of the museum. Tripods are not in island (113)

art in island (30)

Take photos of the strangers to test the in island (9)

It’s been said that this is the biggest 3d Museum in Asia (in terms of the number of paintings). So take the opportunity to emote and feel you’re a model or an actress.

art in island (50) art in island (70) art in island (76) art in island (80)

We even act like we’re males.

art in island (66) art in island (109)

Do not go alone. It wouldn’t be so fun.

art in island (58) art in island (64)

art in island (38)

So there, bring your artistic side and take a photo in Art in Island!

art in island (45)
This is kinda fail. I just couldn’t totally block the dripping water.

Art in Island

Address: 15th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines (At the back of Cubao Expo)
Telephone: +632 421-1356
FacebookArt in Island

art in island (1)


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