Bossing’s Grill, Cubao

Bossing’s Grill is a Filipino restaurant that offers sumptuous buffet for only P 299 and it is not surprising that they will be having their second anniversary in October 2013. Located in Ali Mall, Bossing’s Grill has captured the market of Cubao where lining up seems to be the norm especially if there are games in Araneta Couliseum.

Bossing's Grill
Bossing’s Grill

At first, I thought that the restaurant has something to do with Vic “Bossing” Sotto. However, I was so wrong when we, bloggers, have met the humble owners who are Larry Cortes and Mauro Arjona. Their life story is inspiring and I thought that someday I could really have a business in spite I did not came from a wealthy family.

bossing's grill (26)

On the other hand, they also offer 15% discount at 3 PM and 20% discount at 8 PM.

Their crispy pata is the sure thing you surely do not want to miss!bossing's grill (1)

The foods below are all delicious except that the squid is difficult to slice.bossing's grill (2)

Meanwhile, the sliced pork is quite salty.bossing's grill (3)

Their patatim is the best!!!bossing's grill (6)

Here are the other foods I have tried and I like all of it. I just feel sorry that I cannot name it because it has no label.bossing's grill (4) bossing's grill (5)

Their sisig is a must-try, too (the one on the left)bossing's grill (8)

I like their fish fillet.

bossing's grill (9) bossing's grill (10)

I have not tried their salad but I have tasted the bitter gourd/ampalaya and I could totally say that it was awesome. It didn’t taste bitter.bossing's grill (13)

And for the desserts!!

bossing's grill (14) bossing's grill (15) bossing's grill (18) bossing's grill (19) bossing's grill (21) bossing's grill (23) bossing's grill (24)

bossing's grill (20)

The photos below are the sweets that won my heart – choco leche flan, mini graham cake?, and yema-like slice?

bossing's grill (16) bossing's grill (17)

bossing's grill (22)

PS: Thank you Aldous for the invitation!

As you may have noticed, I personally do not blog buffet but if there are invitations from the restaurant, I would be delighted to share my dining experiences even if I find it difficult to write about buffet food. It just really overwhelmed me that I get lost in words when there are so many foods to give verdict. Anyway, most of the dishes served are good. Moreover, the quantity of the dish basing to the price, one would definitely say that Bossing’s Grill is really “sulit”. The place is spacious, and there is also a room available if you want to have reservation for 20 pax. The waitstaff is also attentive and we were so lucky to meet some of their chefs.

bossing's grill (28)

Serving: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Place: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

bossing's grill (25)

Bossing’s Grill

Ali Mall, Cubao, Quezon City

Tel No: 709-41-05


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