Burger Avenue, Taft

Burger Avenue opened its doors in De La Salle University last August 8, 2015 and it’s such an honor for me to be invited by Aldous to meet the owners and to try their food. Burger Avenue has its first branch in Fort Strip, making the branch in DLSU to be their second.

Burger Avenue
Burger Avenue

Miss Kim and Sir Martin, the owners, told us their bestsellers. However, I’m really up to try something different like Wasabi Burger.Burger Avenue (2)

To be honest, I am not totally a fan of wasabi; I rarely try it to my sushi so taking this order is really a challenge. The Wasabi Burger regular is P95 while the ¼ pound is P 145. The soft bun is especially topped with oats, while the patty is juicy and generous. Consuming wasabi in large scale would have you a mint sensation running to your nose up to your head. If appropriate, I should call it “brain freeze” or much better, minted brain. LOL! Despite the trial I had, I must say that their burger is delicious and supreme.Burger Avenue (6)

I had Strawberry Milkshake which is surprisingly in the mason jar! I also like the fact that their shake is not too sweet but still flavorful. There are no berry tidbits, though.Burger Avenue (4)

Meanwhile we also had our Crazy Fries P 90 and it is spicy because of the topped chili con carne. Their onion rings P 55 are unexpectedly big! It’s crunchy but a little oily so I prefer and like their Crazy Fries as the side dish.

Burger Avenue (3) Burger Avenue (7)

Burger Avenue also offer rice meal called All Day Breakfast Bowls. Shiela tried their bestseller Chodobo, a love team of chorizo and adobo. It comes with super garlic fried rice and sunny side up fried egg. The egg is also beyond normal, do you agree?Burger Avenue (5)

Burger Avenue is very pocket-friendly, yet the quality of the burger is not compromised. The place in DLSU branch could be small but the confidence of the restaurant is regained because of the good ambience. I hope that they would consider putting up a branch in Quezon City, too.

Burger Avenue (1)

Price: 5/5

Serving: 4/5

Taste: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Burger Avenue

De La Salle University, Manila



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