Stronghand Shooting Range, Cubao

Guns are just like cars and dumbbells that are associated for boys. That is why every time that I am watching action films, it always makes me wonder how cool it is to have gun skills especially if the main character is a girl. It then becomes my goal to fire a gun just for an experience yet I am not having a specific plan when to visit a shooting range.

Indeed I could tell myself that I am lucky to be invited by Miss Alyssa Neo of RMDC to visit Stronghand Shooting Range located last October 4, 2015 (see the end of this post for the complete address). Stronghand Shooting Range opened in October 2010 and the year after, they had the recognition of National Police Academy as the Best Shooting Range in the Philippines.

Moreover, they are the Asia’s first and only toxic free indoor shooting range. Toxic free environment means is the absence of harmful toxins that are mostly found in practice shooting: air-borne lead, barium oxide, sulphur oxide, and antimony oxide.

Stronghand shooting range (1)
Stronghand Shooting Range

Their facility has HEPA filter technology and turbine exhaust. (see the ceiling on the picture below and scrutinize)Stronghand shooting range (4)

Here’s the 180 degree viewing window.Stronghand shooting range (5)

Spacious seminar room!Stronghand shooting range (6)

Going on the ground floor, you would immediately see the café, lockers, and the reception area.Stronghand shooting range (3)

The humor: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!Stronghand shooting range (2)

You would need to bring a valid government issued ID. No ID, no shooting and must be 18 years of age and above. You are allowed to bring camera and phone with you inside the training room. I’m pleased to tell that the ear muffs smell clean.

Conducted by Mr. Randy Nanadiego, a PPSA member and NROI chief range officer, I’ve learned the rules of gun safety, how to handle and clear a pistol, and how to shoot a target.Stronghand shooting range (15)

Heads up:

  • Gun’s heavy so expect your arms to feel exhausted; ergo you really need to have a StrongHand. Pun!
  • Loading bullets to the magazine would need lots of strength
  • the gun should always be pointing at the downrange (at the target area) even if the gun is at rest
  • keep your index off the trigger when not shooting
  • aiming the bullseye, you would have that double-eyed feeling

Stronghand shooting range (8)

As I have listened to the instructor, he is implying that holding a gun is a privilege yet a responsibility. It could kill and could save a life thus; he inferred me what a true self defense is. Possessing a gun does not necessarily mean to hurt someone especially if there is no threat.Stronghand shooting range (11)

I learned the right stance like bending the knee, 45 degree dominating feet, well-stretched arms, strong grip, leaning forward and looking at the target are the components to hit the bulleseye.Stronghand shooting range (17)

Since I am a right-handed, Sir Randy said that my dominating eye is the right. Upon shooting however, it seemed like my left eye is the one functioning to shoot the target so he said that I must be a left-handed. It’s fascinating to know that fact.Stronghand shooting range (16)

So I held a 45 caliber, 45 ammo. Given the opportunity of 20 shoots, I got my one and only bullseye on my third attempt at 5-meter distance. 6 As, 1 C, 3 Ds. For my 10-meter distance, I had 4 As, 4Ds, and the 2 bullets went out to the target board. Lol!

 Stronghand shooting range (22)

The instructor said that I was pulling the trigger hard that’s why it goes sideways. He compared it to an SLR camera where pictures get blurry when the shutter button is hit pretty hard. It’s nice that he has compared that mechanism for me to understand easier.Stronghand shooting range (10)

Thanks to the Stronghand Shooting Range team for having a warm welcome!

After that, I had a certificate telling that I have completed the “Proper & Practical Pistol” course. Nice! I thank the universe for allowing me to accomplish this goal of mine. If I just have enough money, I guess I’m having this as my hobby. FYI, every Wednesday is Ladies Shoot so a 50% off for range fee and firearm rental.

For rates, here it is. However, going to their website gives you more the idea of total fee.

Membership 5,000
renewal 2,000
member guest Foreign
Range fee 100 500 750
Firearm rental 300 500 750
lesson 800 1,000 1,500
Ultrasonic gun cleaning 500 1,000 1,500
Non-toxic ammo
9 MM 9 10 15
40 SW 10.35 11.50 15
45 ACP 10.35 11.50 15
38 SPL 9 10 15
380 ACP 8.10 9 15
357 SIG 10.35 11.50 15
357 MAG 10.80 12 15
10 MM 10.80 12 15
38 SPR 10.35 11.50 15
44 MAG 14.85 16.50 22

So, whether taking this as a new hobby, new learning, or just to have a unique day, head on at:

Stronghand Shooting Range

La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao QC.

721-7174 or 0927-424-3855


Stronghand shooting range (23)


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