Tapella, Greenbelt 5

There is no denying that Filipino cuisine is greatly influenced by the colonization of Spaniards here in the country which makes me to be less interested with Spanish meals. However, my adamant perception changed when I was invited in Tapella to try out the modern Spanish cuisine. So, let’s begin this quest of food munching!

Tapella (3)
Tapella, Greenbelt 5

I admit that it was my first time eating a soup served cold. Gazpacho De Mango (P175) is a Spanish-style soup made from tomatoes but with a twist of mango and it was like I’m drinking blended juice.Tapella (7)

On the other hand, Pote Gallego (P175) is a very rich soup served hot where beans are the base added with chorizo and some vegetables. There’s a magic while sipping this soup for you would feel popping fish-roe eggs!Tapella (12)


Going with greens, Ensalada Mediterranea (P295) is a toss of lettuce, cucumbers, white onions, tomatoes, olives, capers with sliced white cheese! It was flavored in a vinaigrette dressing.Tapella (6)

Ensalada Tapella (P250) is almost the same with Ensalada Mediterranea but this one is served in their “special” dressing and topped with corns! What a beautiful blend of fibers to prepare ourselves with a heavy main course!Tapella (5)


If Filipinos have “dugo” at the street foods, Spanish cuisine has Morcilla De Cebolla (P 450). It is a black sausage from pig’s blood completely suffocated with onions to bring out that exemplary taste. Anyway, the taste of dugo and this one differs very much.Tapella (13)

On the other hand, Chorizo Picante (P295) is a savory spicy chorizo. Tapella (8)

Then there’s our favorite meat… the chicken. Muslos De Pollo Frito (P 250) when translated is thigh-chicken-fried. However, this is chicken wings in a form of chicken lollipop, and served with aioli dip sauce. While I think that this is chicken lollipop, the flavor is unrivaled.Tapella (9)

Our formal yet friendly server, Choco, said that this is his personal favorite – Chopitos Fritos (P250). It is a battered shrimp that could zest in lemon and yes, he never got wrong with its prime taste!Tapella (14)

Huevos Con Morcilla Sisig (P275) is not your typical sisig as Filipino’s staple food rice is changed into chips! Discovering new dishes to try always excites me.

Tapella (10)Tapella (11)

Main Course:

Lo and behold, as the cardiac attack is about to occur!

Arroz Manchego (P775) is a paella dish topped with chicken, asparagus, shrimp and cheese.

Paella de Marisco (P700) is topped with mussels, shrimps, and eggs.

The simple Arroz Sobrassada (P375) is topped with Spanish chorizo with fine herb sauce.

Among the three, I like the Arroz Manchego the most because of the comfort of the cheese it brings to my biased palate! When I was in college we use saffron to have that authentic taste of our paellas, and I guess Tapella used one.Tapella (15)

Of course, the night would not be complete without steak! The bloggers and I had Chuleton Villagodio (P475/100grams). Served to us is 1000 grams as shown in the photo below. The steak is half cooked prepped from the kitchen and then the diners would enjoy savoring the moment of cooking their steaks by themselves through this unbreakable plate!Tapella (16)*Ordering Chuleton Villagodio has a minimum order of 600 grams.

Chef Robert, totally spoiled our evening by personally serving Lapu Lapu A La Sal (Php 210/100grams). Served to us is 1000 grams as shown below. Our dear Lapu Lapu tasted so perfect imbued into a depth of sea flavor!Tapella (17)Tapella (18)*Order 1 day ahead and it has a minimum 1,000 grams per order.


No matter how bloated we were, Miss Deigh who is the markeing officer said that there’s room for dessert. Flan De La Abuela (P75) has a gel texture and not as fragile with most of the leche flans we normally have.Tapella (19)

Verdict: I loved all the food served except for one – Gazpacho de Mango. Maybe it is not just the typical taste for me just like how shocking for foreigners to eat “bagoong” or “isaw”. Plating is pretty normal, but all served to us blew us into surprise. The price is reasonable because of the ambience and eating authentic Spanish cuisine is not now a far cry! The place though is not as big as you might think. The staff is personable and I think we all share the same wavelength so we were laughing over the same stuff. Thanks again to Chef Robert who surprisingly speaks in fluent Tagalog who has many race, to marketing officer Miss Deigh, and to Aldous for letting us experience an advanced “Noche Buena.”

On a side note, they are offering this season!Tapella Christmas Meals

Price: 4.5/5

Serving: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5


Address: Ground Floor Greenbelt 5, Ayala Avenue,, Makati, Metro Manila

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