Curves, Eastwood

Is getting fit your New Year’s resolution for the year 2016? Are you preparing to have a sexy bod for the upcoming hottest season of the year? Well, the only solution is to have time for exercise!

Walking, running, dancing, weightlifting, swimming are few ways to lose the unwanted fats in our body. However, many of us cannot allot time to get fit because most of the people thinks that exercising takes a lot of effort.

Curves, a brand from Australia, is now here in the Philippines where the program of their workout only takes 30 minutes! Yes, only 30 minutes! They have two branches: BGC and Eastwood, QC. Also, the gym is exclusive for girls. Strengthening women inside and out as their tagline says.curves (6)

The manager in Eastwood, Ms. Liezel, had my body assessed and asked me what I wanted to improve or what is my personal goal. Telling her that I want to have bigger behind, it is therefore that I need to reduce my waistline and improve my butt.curves (2)


The machine of Curves is made up of hydraulic resistance machines. It’s a machine that you would here ssssshh sounds when you put more force while using it.12650532_1194635510548684_1767682012_n


As the name suggests, upon entering the gym, you would see immediately the machines arranged in a circular path. Each machine has a specialty. For arms, legs, core, butt, posture, balance, strength, etc. Since I am not really fat, Coach Kaye said that my body will be toned.curves (11)


It’s indeed the toughest time of my day. The circuit is composed of twelve stations/the twelve machines and twelve boards/twelve resting phase. You would spend 30 seconds for one machine and another thirty seconds for the recovery board, and repeat. There’s at least one to two minutes resting time. There’s nothing to worry on how to properly use the machine for the coach is there to guide you.curves (8)

In circuit, you will have two rounds consuming your thirty minutes. There is also a stretching area after working out.

curves (10)


For only two weeks, I can see that my muscles are starting to appear and get toned. My butt is also starting to have muscles which I am really happy about. I think that I could totally see the changes if only I did not stop it. This is because that my workplace is very far from Eastwood. Considering the traffic, Curves will already be closed if I go.


They also have Zumba but with a twist. The dance is incorporated with exercise in the station so more fats will get burned! Burn baby, burn. They also have wash room and shower room, and lockers. They are also open for franchise.

For inquiries:

Eastwood City Branch

4F Citywalk 2 Eastwood City

Bagumbayan, Quezon City

584-9841, 0917-737-7835

photo credits to: Kaye Caringal and Shiela Lopez


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