Los Arcos de Hermano, Bulacan

Looking at the gate entrance, Los Arcos de Hermano Resort is unexpectedly big. The sprawling 4-hectare resort surrounded with greenery will let you roam around maybe for an hour to discover their facilities.

Los Arcos (10)
Los Arcos de Hermano

Their cottages are very sturdy and contemporary. It’s not always in a resort of province area that the facilities are well built, so I am totally impressed that while the resort is still under facility upgrade. They are already giving it with a class.Los Arcos (18)

Rate of cottages

Small good for up to 14 – P1000

Big good for up to 20 – P1500

Rustic Kubo fo up to 10 – P800


The bloggers and I were excited to see our room. It is good for 4 non-pool side view (P3,000/night). It’s nothing fancy but it’s a comfortable room to stay. With aircon, television but limited program, comfort room, cabinet, freshly washed linen, towel, toothpaste, and toothbrush the accommodation is “sulit.” 

Los Arcos (1)

los arcos (31)los arcos (32)los arcos (33)



Twin sharing-good for 2: P2000 poolside view with veranda

Twin sharing-good for 2: P1800 not poolside view with veranda

Good for 4: P3,200 pool side; P3,000 not pool side

Good for 6: P5,200 (3 double sized bed)

Good for 8: P7000 (4 double sized bed) with veranda

Standard check in and check out: 1 PM to 12 NN (23 hours)

Earlier than 1 PM will be considered as day tour (till 5 PM only)


Heading on the LEFT SIDE, the Avengers will greet you.Los Arcos (7)

They have Petting Zoo but it only has two big rabbits and playground for kids. Soon they will put pools in this area.Los Arcos (8)Los Arcos (9)

Reaching the pool side…Los Arcos (4)

Our cottageLos Arcos (19)

During our visit, there was a live band performing. Isn’t great that you are having your night swimming while the band is singing for you? It’s totally a chill kind of night. Also, you can bring your own food that makes you to save more money. You may bring alcoholic drinks but limited to 1 liter bottle of hard drinks or 1 case of beer only. Grilling is allowed but cooking by the use of gas is not allowed. The night was young, so were we. Ergo, team building of Team Aldous went on till the last drop of alcohol. Kidding!Los Arcos (2)

The next morning, we saw the hula girls dancing!Los Arcos (23)

Los Arcos de Hermano has 1 kiddie pool and 1 olympic size pool which are open to the public.Los Arcos (3)Los Arcos (20)

They also have infinity pool that will be opened in the public on June but we were lucky as Cheena, the owner, let the pool be cleaned because of the inevitable falling of leaves and let us be the second people to enjoy the pool. (The first are her niece and nephew)

Los Arcos (21)

There are two stairs in the infinity pool. The floor on the other stair is freaking deep (near to where I was standing when I am taking this picture) so for future swimmers, beware!

Los Arcos (22)

Swimming rates

Day (8 AM to 5 PM)

Adult – P200 (11 to 59 years old)

Kids – P150 (3 to 10 years old)

Senior – P160

Kids below 2 years old – FREE

Night (6 PM to 12 MN)

Adult – P250 (11 to 59 years old)

Kids – P180 (3 to 10 years old)

Senior – P200

Kids below 2 years old – FREE

Overnight (6 PM to 5 AM every Friday & Saturday only)

Adult – P300 (11 to 59 years old)

Kids – P200 (3 to 10 years old)

Senior – P240

Kids below 2 years old – FREE

los arcos


At the right side area from the entrance, you will be updated to the activities of the resort like…Los Arcos (12)Los Arcos (13)

They have halls for private functions. Weddings, retreats, and team buildings are some of the activities that are held here. They are also awarded as the best wedding venue in the Bulacan area.

Francisco HallLos Arcos (14).jpg

Erlinda Hall & Remedios HallLos Arcos (15)

Dizon HallLos Arcos (16)

ChapelLos Arcos (24)

Paradise GardenLos Arcos (25)

Private PoolLos Arcos (26)

Camp SiteLos Arcos (30)

There’s nothing much you could see on this area aside for the team building sesh.

Los Arcos (29)Los Arcos (28)Los Arcos (27)

Camp site rate: P400 per head (1 PM to 12 NN)

I’m so glad I had a brief escape from the stress I’m going through with work. May you readers also visit to relax in this resort.

Date of Visit: March 19-20, 2016

How to get there:

Ride a bus going to SM Fairview then take Tungko bus and tell the driver to  drop you at Jollibee Tungko. Take tricycle and say Los Arcos.

Los Arcos de Hermano Resort

Corner School Road, Paradise Farm, Brgy. Tungkong Mangga, CSJDM, Bulacan

0932-844-4492 | 0917-857-7446





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