Feel Good at Whipped Salon

Every girl has their highs and lows. From physical, emotional and mental stress growing up is never easy. Girls have their own way of coping up an ugly day. In my case, it actually depends on what I feel. Sometimes I refresh myself by eating, sleeping, or going to salon.

Going to salons make me feel relaxed. The relaxing feeling I have inside also manifests outside and I start to feel beautiful. This feeling eventually helps me to think clearly again.whipped - caramel UA (3)

While we think that going to salon is just about hair cut, rebonds, and perms, many kinds of salon businesses start to sprout like nails salon, tanning salon, and waxing salon.

Whipped Salon that specializes in sugar waxing let me to try out their caramel scrubbing in the underarm area.whipped - caramel UA (1)

The attendant cleaned my UA first and then she scrubbed my pits for 5-10 minutes using the sugar and I think together with the tangerine gel. Then, she #WhippedMyHairBackAndForth. 😀 After waxing, she put the moisturizer to close the pores.whipped - caramel UA (2)

After that, the attendant told me to feel my skin and I’m surprised that it is soft. Now I have learned the difference of regular waxing and the waxing with caramel scrub. For only P350, have this caramel scrub to pamper your skin and remove your dead skin cells the affordable way!

Visit their branches in Alabang Town Center, Fairview Terraces and Forbes Town Center, Bonifacio Global City.whipped - caramel UA (4)

Book an appointment!



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