Kinabalu Park, Malaysia

When there are so many questions left unanswered, we let the days pass by either taking it all in or leaving it all out. But maybe the latter is better; to escape for the mean time is the solution. Maybe it’s true that whatever the question is, travel is the answer.kinabalu-park-2

On this second day tour in Sabah, we hired Fatridzen as our driver and tour guide, short for Fat.  I coincidentally met him while he’s waiting for the tourists in the lobby of Likas Square Hotel. We negotiated how much will be his price if we are going to Kinabalu Park and Kokol Haven Resort and ended to the price of RM600, for a van and gas for 7 pax. I can say that it’s a reasonable price because those 2 destinations mentioned above where you would feel deaf due to the high latitude.

Here is his number and you may also reach his Facebook here.

Facebook: Fatridzen Regent

Number: 01114833182

Email: fatridzensolingkin@gmail.comkinabalu-park-11

Kinabalu Park is 2 1/2 hours away from the city. Take note that this city has no heavy traffic. The road is zigzag and you can already see the Mount Kinabalu while you are on the way.kinabalu-park

We stopped in the market called Nabalu, it’s a midway stop to Kinabalu Park. We bought t-shirts, ref magnet, keychains, bags and the common souvenirs there.kinabalu-park-1

When we got to Kinabalu Park, the place is very cool like it’s penetrating to your bones.kinabalu-park-3



There were some mountain climbers when we were there. Most of them are Japanese. You cannot enter if you will not climb the mountain and if you are not well geared. It will actually take you whole day to reach the top as it gets rocky at the peak.kinabalu-park-7

Here’s the squirrel we fed. Beware tho that when it touches your fingers, do not remove it right away because its claws are sharp. One of the aunties I’m with, was wounded. It’s a good thing that our tour guide, Fat, has emergency kit.

So I actually like to visit this place to check rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world, but it wasn’t the season during that time so we didn’t get the chance to see it.

After that, we went next to Kokol Haven Resort.


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