Songdo’won Korean Restaurant, Macapagal

Admit it, looking at the Korean restaurant’s menu is a challenge for we, Filipinos would not know if what we are trying to order is delicious or not since we do not understand the food well, right? We usually ended up asking the waiters their bestsellers so we can satisfy the growling tummy.

My workmates and I visited Songdo’won in Macapagal at a Friday night. It’s a restaurant beside Music 21; it suggests that after filling in you may sing your heart out!

In our first visit, I did not get to take a picture except groupie.P_20161229_184202-01

In our second visit, our Korean boss was not around so let the foodie soul take in!P_20170210_202546_BF

The side dish is refillable. Filipinos love unlimited! Don’t be shy to ask what you love. In our group, we like the sweet nuts!P_20170210_192325-01

The picture below is the herb samgyeopsal (P350) uncooked. The waiters will assist you to grill. This one is a good choice if you want to have flavorful samgyeopsal. How to enjoy it? Order a rice and take it as a viand or wrap it in the cabbage with the side dishes.P_20170210_193223-01

Tip: It is better to cut the cabbage before wrapping it out with the meat and side dishes so you can eat the “wrapped cabbage” whole like how sushi is eaten. That’s how Koreans do it! P_20170210_192735-01

We’re supposed to order heamul tang/seafood stew but the waiter got it wronged and served to us the gobchang jeongol (P600). It is a beef tripe stew with cabbages. It was served to us boiling in a hot pot and I thought that the seafood is just hidden under. The stew is made in red chili pepper sauce so we were not able to see if where’s the seafood we’re expecting. It was too late when we knew about it since we were not really familiar. Maybe our seafood stew is on somebody else’s table and we feel sorry if the waiter will get charged. (I know how it feels being charged.)

Gobchang jeongol tasted fine.P_20170210_193036-01

If you want bulgogi but refraining to eat red meat? You may try dak bulgogi as it is a chicken. The taste is perfectly right – savory and sweet!P_20170210_192850-01

Songdo’won is a typical Korean restaurant where there are grillers on the table and the noticeable divisions of the dining area. It is surprising that there are many Filipinos dining in because the area is a place intended to visit – “dadayuhin” in our language. We went here twice, and it’s always full house be it Korean or Filipino! In addition, the food they are offering has an authentic taste so the price is quite pricier but the serving is generous that I’m sure every diner will leave the restaurant full. The service is fast and even the owners are hands-on. If only the waiter takes our order right, I would have rate this restaurant better.P_20170210_190355

Ambiance: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Taste: 4/5

Songdo’won Restaurant

Address: Unit A, 11 & 12, HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay, 1300, Metro Manila


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