Likas Square Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

Likas Square Apartment Hotel was recommended to me by my friend who also had her tour in Kota Kinabalu. They traveled in large group and when she knew that I’m traveling with 10 people, she wonderfully shared that Likas Square offers a huge unit at an affordable price.out (1)

Cebu Pacific informed me that our flight will be rescheduled so it means that our stay in the hotel also needed to be changed. Likas Square responded to my email right away and amended our booking details.

original booking

From the airport, it took us 15 minutes to get there with no traffic. The hotel lobby is not that impressive but once we get into the unit, it is something you can call home!

My mom’s friends and I were shocked that the unit is spacious and posh! We loved it.

There are three bedrooms.

One bedroom has their own shower room and then there’s another shower room near the living room.

The living room. Great place to slouch all day!living room (1)living room (8)

The dining area where we haven’t eaten much because we were outside most of the time.dining

The kitchen that has appliances you might need. There’s a complimentary coffee, a percolator, a stove, but there’s no microwave oven. There’s a refrigerator,

The bar area. Wish there’s patron tequila, LOL.

Going back to the ground floor, you may find a grocery store just at the back of the front office.

The pool area. Bring your own towel. pool (2)

The Excellent Customer Service Story

I have itinerary on where should we be going to maximize the Kota Kinabalu city. However, there is one big problem. THE RIDE. We visited KK when it was Eid al Fitr meaning, people are on a holiday for almost one week. I asked for help of the front desk if how are we going to travel into the remarkable places of the city. She told me that it is difficult to book drivers that day since it’s a holiday. She did her best on finding a ride for us for two days from two different guys and I feel thankful that if it wasn’t for her, we could have ended up in two scenario: idle inside the hotel or commuting from bus to bus with aunties unstoppable complains. LOL. Thank you once again for the hospitality Likas Square!

Lesson learned.

You know where you want to go but don’t know how. As you age, it’s when you think that it is better to have plans because you are already tired of mistakes and uncertainties.

This is the difference between the young and the old. If I’m with people who are in their 20s, it is sure that there’s no plan; taking all the cab ride would be enough for us. But I’m with people who has the same age with my mother, plan must be set with security. Oh I’m missing Kota Kinabalu already!17500106_10203040669654045_856013359_o

Likas Square Apartment Hotel

Address: 1 Lorong Likas Square, Jalan Istiadat, Likas 88400

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Reservation: 088-252-233

Phone: 012-826-5962







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