Hillcreek Gardens, Tagaytay

After looking for Santorini-inspired venue, we headed to look for a garden setting which is also for the purpose of having a photo shoot. We only visited two places but Hillcreek Gardens won the heart of my boss and the photographer, because there are so many promising spots to strike a pose.

During our ocular, there was a wedding set up prepared by the Hillcreek team.

Hillcreek (4)
Hillcreek Gardens

Let me share with you the pictures I took during our ocular and the actual shoot day.

Hillcreek (1)
Hillcreek Gardens
Hillcreek (3)
Hillcreek Gardens

We ask for their rate, reserved via email and settled the bill on the day of the shoot.

5 hours inclusive of 5 pax, 5 free cup of coffee and a dressing room – P6,000

exceeding rate – P1,500/hour

upgraded the room with air conditioner – P1,000

exceeding person – P150

Also, they do not allow of bringing food inside the venue but they offer food menu for P400/person.  In our case, we only ate outside the venue during the shoot. Teehee!

Hillcreek (8)
Hillcreek Gardens
Hillcreek (9)
Hillcreek Gardens

The place is magical isn’t?

Hillcreek (10)

Hillcreek Gardens is a lovely and a reassuring place for your wedding day or if you are looking for a place to have a photo shoot in a garden concept. The sales or the reservations associate are all helpful and welcoming; they attended my queries about our concerns with a smile on their faces.

Hillcreek Gardens, Tagaytay


Address: 134 Luksuhin, Mangas Rd, Alfonso Cavite


Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this review.


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