Montecruz Beach Resort, Zambales

Maundy Thursday passed and our family was just going into the norms of practicing Visita Iglesia and went to the church for Siete Palabras. Right after going home, my mother abruptly said that we should go to Zambales the next day to experience a white sand beach near Quezon City and hire a van so it would be less hassle for my father since he gets easily tired because of his heart problem.

After finding for a van, I looked for the beach resort in Zambales and learned that Montecruz Beach Resort in San Felipe, Zambales is secluded, affordable but with decent amenities and activities that could be done during the stay. Since it’s isolated among other beach resorts, we’re hopeful that there’s still an available space for us in Montecruz even if it’s holy week (April 9 – 16), the peak season.

Upon arriving, Ate Mila informed us that the entrance fee is only P50 per head and free for 12 years old below. The cottage’s rate is P800 for whole day and she said that the cottage could also be a place to sleep if we’re planning to have an overnight stay.

While it’s cheap, I find that the people here are the working class, like us who wants peace. :p :p Meanwhile, the rooms’ rate are below. montecruz (10)-1024x1000montecruz (12)-1024x1000montecruz (18)-1024x1000

There were people who had their overnight stay and set of three groups who stayed in the cottages, then there’s one cottage who rented a videoke that became the sound of this quiet beach. True enough, this resort is the reliable beach for my mom who hate crowds.

Apparently, bringing the food from the parking area to the cottage area took a toll of our time since it’s very faaaaaarrr from point to point. Good thing that there’s no corkage fee but grilling has fee but I don’t know the charge.montecruz (19)-1024x1000

montecruz (7)-1024x1000

The lagoon could be an attraction to the place but the boats were not on display. I just saw it piled in a shadowed area.

Beach volleyball!montecruz (30)-1024x1000

Bonfire last night?montecruz (1)-1024x1000

Here’s our cottage and it’s also very far from the shore. As I talked to the lifeguard, he said that the big waves are bringing more sand to the seashore that makes the cottages get farther to the beach. See my picture below.montecruz (20a)

montecruz (2)-1024x1000
lifeguard’s cottage

I like that there are many shower rooms and comfort rooms at this beach. Moreover, instead of palm trees, pine trees are the ones present on this beach. montecruz (34)-1024x1000

montecruz (25)-1024x1000
syet, my bills!

The sand may look white but it’s actually gray when it gets wet. Unlike the sand in Bohol or in Boracay, the sand is really white. Anyway, while it was scorching hot and the air was on fire during the noon time, we were all happy that our flip flops are stepping on white sand and the view is where the sky and the ocean meet.

For public transportation: Take Victory Liner from the Cubao Station to Iba Zambales. for P250. Tell the driver you will get down in San Felipe town. From there, you may take a tricycle and tell them you will go to Montecruz. I’m not sure with the fare because it’s really isolated.

For private transportation: Actually, we just trusted Waze on this. For the toll fee, we paid P45 for Paso De Blas, Valenzuela and then paid P112 for San Fernando, Pampanga. The road we took is the zigzag one when we entered Zambales.

When we’re going back to Manila, we paid P408 coming from Tipo to Bocaue exit.

Save at least P1,500 for your fuel.

Travel time: 4 hours

So there. I hope I was able to help you calculate your budget for your quick beach getaway! For reservations, you may contact Ate Mila, 0919 488 9185 since Montecruz’ Facebook page is not active.

Montecruz Beach Resort

Aragoza St., Brgy Sto Nino, San Felipe, Zambales

montecruz (24)-1024x1000


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