Gastro Park, Pasig

Food park in the Philippines is getting bigger in the market today. Almost every city in the Metro Manila has food parks and one of them is Gastro Park. What makes it stand out from the rest is each food stall offers an unlimited meal.

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When I got my first job six years ago, I remember when I had my first “banchetto” in Pasig. The food was overflowing yet pocket-friendly. The goers are most likely my age and it seemed that it’s a festival every Friday along the street. Fast forward today, the set-up evolved which we now called food park. Dim lights, chill music, open area where the fresh air serves as the air con, wooden tables at the very center of the lot surrounded by the food stalls that offer unique cuisine or meal is the kind of arrangement we mostly expect at food parks. It is no wonder that the people prefer hanging out in the food park because there’s a food selection to choose from at an affordable price.
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I’ve been to a lot of food parks especially there is one nearer to my house. However, Gastro Park located in Pasig offers something special to the people that I believe the other food parks don’t have. This food park offers unlimited food! UNLIMITED! I was lucky that I got to check them last Wednesday. I’ll share here the interesting finds on each stall. Let’s get it started!

Taipei Kita creatively presented the ice cream that resembles like a plant. Meanwhile, their unli dish is a fried tofu with special sauce for P120.Taipei KitaGastro Park (29)-1024x1000

The MetroMeat Express would surely catch your eye since their concept is a railroad train. What they are offering for unlimited is bacon for P249. On the other hand, I was able to try their Tanker Longsilog (P249) and I love it! Aside from that it is huge, the taste is exceptional and not oily.
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The Tokyo Tempura offers well, tempura at an affordable price. It would surprise you that their unli tempura is only P199.Gastro Park (7)-1024x1000Gastro Park (22)-1024x1000

Tolyo’s Soup and Grill boasts of its Filipino dish with a twist of international flavors. Their best seller is Mexican Bulalo for P165. I really love to try this that night but the soup is just really heavy for a food review. Their Sweet & Heat Pork BBQ is P35/stick. The Flaming Rosemary Bistek also tastes nice.

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The Surfries’ iced tea quench our thirst for the spiciness we got from Tolyo’s!
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Get some balls here at Ball Shack. Mac & Cheese Balls is one of their unique offers. Their unli dish is the fish balls for P138.Gastro Park (9)-1024x1000Gastro Park (20)-1024x1000

The Brick Plate’s unli dish is pasta for P250. However, we really are a fan of pizza so we had Honey & Cheese Pizza and the Pulled Pork Pizza. Both of the pizza tasted great. I also like that the crust is not thick.

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Dim Sum may look very humble but their steamed sharkfin is delicious. What makes their service special is they let you create your own Dumpling Box! You may choose rice, sauce, and dumpling. Their unli dish is siomai rice for P189!Gastro Park (12)-1024x1000Gastro Park (38)-1024x1000

The Masala Bar is an authentic Indian concept bar but what makes the crowd keep coming back for more in their stall is the Masala Quesadilla (P165). I can say that it’s distinct from the quesadillas I tried but very delectable! Super love it.Gastro Park (13)-1024x1000Gastro Park (25)-1024x1000

The Chixy9 offers unli wings for P249. I got to try the soy garlic and garlic parmesan flavor. I like the garlic parmesan better. Definitely a place to binge for when craving for wings!Gastro Park (14)-1024x1000Gastro Park (21)-1024x1000

The Sweet Nothing offers milkshakes, waffle cones, ice cream cones, cotton candy soda, wafer ice cream sandwiches, and a lot more! Here’s the molten lava cake shake for P130. The bottomless juice of the day is just P120!Gastro Park (16)-1024x1000Gastro Park (26)-1024x1000

Going to the Gastro Park really made my “gastro” full. For the readers, I would recommend drinking here since the unlimited food can be served to the barkada as unlimited pica pica! Sounds perfect for the KUNGFU(mulutan) friends, right?

Here are the other food I did not get to try anymore since I’m full. Still looks delish by looking at the photos. Check it out!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write a positive review. Thanks to Team Aldous for the invite.

Visit Gastro Park in
1603, Pasig Blvd, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila

Dwntown & Halsted, BGC

Despite its bar brimming of top-line alcoholic drinks, Downtown and Halsted (Dwntown & Halsted) has humble interiors. Industrial and street, the graffiti wall is perfectly suited for the bar. Moreover, some artworks are displayed throughout the place and are for sale.
Dwntown & Halsted Bar

Downtown and Halsted is known in offering drinks but they are very much delighted to tell that they are also offering food which is crafted by Chef Marco Legasto. He is also the man behind the food of Abuelas and Prime 101.
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The first food served to us exceeded my expectation. The Mushroom Soup (P250) tasted fresh. It is thick but not creamy and the flavor is well-balanced.
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The Tikka Wrap (P240) has cucumber, lettuce, and yogurt with pleasing spices that did not overpower the vegetables. Chips are served on the side with a spicy dip.
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The Portobello and Quinoa Salad (P250) is a mystery. The taste is very distinct. Maybe because it’s my first time eating quinoa, the couscous-like seeds that glide to my teeth as I try to chew it.
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The pork skewer (P150) has the typical taste of barbecue but varied by less oil and less sauce. The chicken skewer (P150)  has nothing much appealing unlike the lengua skewer (P250) that is sumptuous and toothsome!

pork skewerchicken skewerlengua skewer

The aroma of Spiced Black Mussels with Fresh Chili and Curry Leaves (P250) made me scream inside of me “I need vitamin sea!”
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The Crispy Pork Knuckles (P580) knocked us out as it satiated our hunger for the night. I just like how they make a sinful dish less sinful because it was served to us not oily. The dip for this is also good.
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The Baby Back Ribs (P580) is tender with the perfect non-smoky sauce.
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The Seafood Pasta (P350) may look like a pesto based but as I got to try it, the parsley and garlic creamy flavor prevailed. The Chorizo Pasta (P385) awakens your breakfast taste bud.

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Dwntown & Halsted (19)-1024x1000

The East Side Elavation (P350) is superbly concocted. It’s a drink made of hendricks, fresh lime, kiwi, basil, balsamic vinegar. A recommended booze!
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As for the artworks, the artist may send their work to them for screening.

Dwntown & Halsted is a place where the people could actually talk while hanging out and drinking their alcohol. It’s a street concept but classy in a way. The food was presented has its craftsmanship and with well-balanced taste; I like the lengua skewers, crispy pork knuckles, baby back ribs, and seafood pasta. As for the waitstaff, they accommodated us in a friendly manner.

Dwntown & Halsted

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored but not swayed to provide a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to Aldous for the invite.

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Dwntown & Halsted, BGC

Ground Floor, Burgos Parklane, Forbestown Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


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Antara Wellness Spa, Manila

The Antara Wellness Spa located in Manila offers an affordable price but a high-quality service for the massage, scrub, and foot and leg treatment.

It’s been awhile since I got myself a beauty or wellness treatment. So, when I got an invite from Aldous in Antara Wellness Spa, I was overjoyed… overjoyed at the fact of de-stressing by having a massage. Based on research, the massage therapy helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and chronic back pain. Luckily, I have all those mentioned so this treat was really sulit for me.Antara Wellness (3)-1024x1000

The Antara Wellness Spa, located in between the border of Manila and Makati, has a concept of Indochina so it did not come as a surprise to me when the praying-Buddha-statue hailed me as I entered the spa. The place is dim with draping curtains within the waiting area.Antara Wellness (5)-1024x1000


Swedish massage (1 hr) – P350

Shoulder Head and Face Massage (30 min) – P300

Shiatsu Massage (1 hr)  – P350

Antara Signature Massage (1 hr & 20 min) – P400

Hot Pack Massage (1 hr & 30 min) – P600

Body and Foot Massage (2 hrs) – P700

Slimming massage – *new

I had Antara Signature Massage and I can say that this one is truly special because the masseuse has her routine that I don’t usually get from the other spas I tried. I asked the masseuse and she said that Antara Signature Massage is a combination of Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu. Back in the day where I had the luxury of going to the spa regularly, I usually get the Swedish massage to feel relaxed. It’s just oil and strokes so that explains why I like Swedish. Thai massage surely makes me feel that my muscles loosen up because of all the stretching but I just really feel tired after. Shiatsu, on the other hand, is all about pressure points. It feels great that Antara had these three kinds of massage in one service. Lastly, they gently whipped me the bamboo sticks before the session ended. By the way, the yellow and green ones are hot packs which are also included in their Antara Signature Massage.Antara Wellness (18)-1024x1000

Body Scrub/Treatment

Dead Sea Salt Scrub (45 min) – P600

Body Foaming Wash (20 min) – P250

Four of their seven scents were showed to us for the dead sea salt scrub treatment. More often, the guests choose the strawberry scent. Lavender is also a great choice if the guest wanted to have a more soothing feeling!Antara Wellness (17)-1024x1000

Foot and Leg Treatment

Foot Reflex – P350

Medicinal Foot Reflex – P400

It’s amazing that this green water where my new-found friend had her feet soaked became gel-like after a few minutes. Please see the picture below. I cannot entirely get into details but as I know, it’s a way of detoxifying.


They have 9 rooms that include the couple room and the scrub room.

Couple’s roomAntara Wellness (19)-1024x1000

Scrub roomAntara Wellness (4)-1024x1000


Their products are made locally and are saved for the charity. Room and linen perfume, collagen soap, papaya soap, honey oatmeal soap, and papaya tea tree soap below.


Aside from the services mentioned above, they have package deals.Antara Wellness (1)-1024x1000

The world could be overwhelming because of our concern about our daily lives. At times like this, we need to get in touch with our body once in a while to feel rejuvenated. With that, visiting a spa like Antara is a treat that our inner soul will love.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write positive comments.

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Antara Wellness Spa
1289 Zobel Roxas Avenue Malate Manila Manila, Philippines 1004