Buffet 101, Glorietta

To be honest, I have dined-in to buffet a quite few but never blogs about it not unless it’s sponsored by the restaurant. The selection of food shocks me, then there comes the bewilderment of the food to choose. The next thing I know I’m in food coma and I can’t move because my tummy is so full. Now, I decided to try writing about buffet to get used to it. Please spare me this very informal blog with how my dining in Buffet 101 went.

The cuisine that Buffet 101 serves are mostly lined with Asian cuisines – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and the local Philippine dishes. However, in wherever buffet restaurant I got to try, the roasted beef never comes off the list. See that chunk of meat on my plate below? There it’s there!
Buffet 101 (1)

Also, if you love shrimps, Buffet 101 has tons of dishes with it. (or maybe it was just the time when we dined-in). I happen not to have photos of shrimps in the chafing dish because it was already empty!
Buffet 101 (4)

Go scroll to drool!
For the soup
Buffet 101 (7)

My officemates said the seafood chowder (picture below) is yummy!
Buffet 101 (32)

Buffet 101 (22)



Buffet 101 (9)

Sushi and sashimi will always have a place for a buffet!


Buffet 101 (8)







The dessert has a wide array of selections and it was heavenly good! At the back of my mind I was thinking if this was their specialty.


Buffet 101 (2)

Lastly, what I like about Buffet 101 is the herbal tea they offer. It’s not in the tea bags but the real deal, love it. Ang lakas maka-TEAtas of Manila! See the picture below what certain herbal leaves can do to your wellness.
Buffet 101 (16)

Buffet 101 (5)

Apparently, if we were to compare the food that Buffet 101 offers to Vikings, we know who would have won. Buffet 101 caters to class B & class C diners so we could not expect more but it’s good. My officemates and I ate at Dad’s, also a buffet restaurant, a few months ago but we all agreed that the food quality and so the selections are much better there than here. As for the ambiance, Buffet 101 has good interior and it’s roomy. It is well ventilated and their powder room is also classy! The waitstaff courteously cleared our table and attended to our needs as much as they can. The commis also served me with undivided attention.

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 3.5/5

Buffet 101, Glorietta
Glorietta BPO 2 Building, Palm Dr, Makati City

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K-Pub, Trinoma

Do you just feel like eating meat in a buffet but does not want to eat the usual thing, we, Filipinos who are fond of?

Leave letson, pata tim, bagnet, and our sweet BBQ behind to explore an unconventional taste of Korean cuisine!

Last June 2016, my friend from Australia decided to treat us, her high school friends, in Kpub; a meat all you can restaurant. Yes this post was long overdue hahahaha!P_20160629_210608_BF_1

K-pub BBQ is an alternative events venue that one may have parties, debuts, corporate functions, press conferences, product launches, graduations, sales rallies, seminars and the like.P_20160629_204501

The place is impressively huge and there are so many tables and chairs; holding a large event here can be surely accommodated. However, since the theme is a “pub” the place is quite dim with the accent of neon lights, only giving the table the usual lights (as you can see in the first pic) so we could see if our meat is decent enough to be eaten cooked.

The Korean pop songs are played on TV and as the night goes deeper, the live band started to perform giving the customers the superb dining experience.P_20160629_215708

As for our food, what we ordered is the EAT and RUN!17431596_10203024574091666_923477373_o


The staff are all friendly but the service is not that fast. As for the food, I think that the taste is much more close to the Filipinos liking than the authentic Korean taste.

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

K-Pub BBQ, Trinoma


Call: 847-1961and 847-3098

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Piñac, UP Town Center

A Capampangan cuisine, Piñac, has been one of the comfort food for diners who want to have a taste of home-cooked meal in the midst of bustling Katipunan Avenue.p_20161019_205605-01

Most of Piñac’s ingredients are sourced from Candaba, Pampanga where the swampland is dry for one half of the year and submerged in water during the other half. No wonder that the restaurant name is a Capampangan term for “bukid” or farm.

At the start of the meal is the best appetizer. The crunchiness of Deep Fried Chicken Skin (P325) is a perfect beginning.image-0-02-06-f6304b365fab601f786adb68ea745ebbd1fc859add38852d5fee187eeecaa18b-v-01

The Overloaded Pinoy Paella (P645) is satisfying even on its own but of course, I won’t be totally contented without trying the food that’s presented in front of me.image-0-02-03-1847917560598e3fbe1f3cdae457be009fcdbdb98cc57116fbff941b0b56f0c6-v-01

The deep fried Crispy Pata (P645) is very calorific, tender, rich!image-0-02-03-3e1da572dfaaeb3312a02bf43af5ffb0c1cf7bc89449dc9e89f1db53a3a4a8eb-v-01

Tortang Balasenas (P145) is an eggplant dish soaked in a beaten egg flavored in sweet tomato sauce topped with cheese. It’s almost like a taste of lasagna. Worth a try!image-0-02-03-1d89207bdf9b2a60b7c803a7f8109d61309b0a03de55f3c254a5b2da8cbf2948-v-01

Chicken a la King (P295) is blanketed in a creamy sauce while the Callos (P365) has a delightful kick of saltiness.image-0-02-03-6fdffa61fa94809399d5f2b6c9e3ced1ad4eee9d6a26cf615e4df280366ee2f0-v-01


The Beef Kare-Kare (P395) is bathed in peanut butter sauce with abundant vegetables begging for its rightful partner, bagooooong!image-0-02-03-08735962fe65cb73461fdbd961aa9835d19622ded32f273bdcc4f0c701f468c8-v-01

Our dear dessert, smores (P255), tastes heavenly just like how it looked like – clouds.image-0-02-03-d0f201d27ca02a586de208e1965594d4972fc0f546af0d69bbadc05ea4422766-v-01

As I have tasted the Pinac’s menu has to offer, I can say that they can outshine the other Capampangan restos we’ve known for a long while because of its taste. While we can say that we are not a stranger to the dishes they offer, it is the balance of flavors that stands out while trying it. The interiors are homey so just sit back, relax and enjoy the food!

By the way, they have promos for lunch and dinner. Here you go!p_20161019_213244-01

Taste: 4.5/5
Interior: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5

2/F UP Town Center


Disclaimer: This review was sponsored but not swayed to provide a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to Aldous! Credits to Jen of www.sandundermyfeet.com for letting me borrow some of her photos. 

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