Inflatable Island, Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines

Discovering Inflatable Island in Subic was an accident. My family and friends including I thought that the Inflatable Island and the Aqua Thrilla Park of Samba are the same.
So, to be clear – the Inflatable Island obviously, is set on the sea while the Aqua Thrilla Park is on the land. They also have a separate booth as seen in the picture below.

Inflatable Island is the newest attraction in Subic because it boasts as the biggest inflatable island in Asia. It is over 4,100 square meter, a size of 8 basketball courts! To experience this biggest water playground, here are the rates below:

Sprinkle (Whole Day on the Beach)
one-hour pass – P499
8-9 AM
9-10 AM
10-11 AM and so forth till 6 PM

Splash (whole day on the beach)
2 hours pass

Half day pass

All day pass

My friends and I took the one-hour pass and it was hella fun. The way we described it is “the longest but also the happiest hour of the day”. Before getting to the Inflatable Island, the staff asked us to have a 10-minute orientation for the do’s and don’ts while we were in the area.

The fee is included with a free access to the Bali Lounge with hues of pink and lavender colors and to the Floating Zoo.

Pink Bali Lounge
Floating Zoo

As you can see, all participants were provided with life jacket even if the participant knows how to swim.

If there are two games that should not be missed on the Inflatable Island, that is the Human Launcher where person A is at the edge of the inflatable lying on his back, arms spread, and legs closed, whereas person B will jump on the opposite edge from a 12-ft height (my estimate). Imagine doing this will be both a challenge to you and to your friend to jump and to get launched. In my case, a professional trainer was the one who jumped and I was the one launched up to the sky. Being a professional, his jump was perfect and so my launch. I was so high, it was a surreal moment seeing my world twirled up – my sky is the sea and my sea is the sky and I was rotating in the air. It was so fast that I didn’t notice I already splashed in the water. They say I landed on my feet. Some of my friends landed on their back which hurt them a bit. So what hurt me? My nose, but the staff said beforehand not to cover my nose whatever may happen because I might scar it from the impact.  Too bad we don’t have waterproof gadget to record the moment. As you can see in the picture below, somebody will jump and the other person is on the edge.
Translate: Yung pinaikot-ikot ka, iniwan sa ere at hinayaang mahulog. Sa huli, ikaw rin nasaktan.

Seriously speaking, the pain easily subsided so there’s nothing to worry. But if you are worried about the security, the staff are all there. Di ka nila pababayaan.

The next game worth trying is the Tarzan. Well, you just do how Tarzan did it. But when doing this, timing is important. Know when to let go of the swing or you might get hurt if you fall on the slide and not on the water.

Tarzan swing on the background

Translate: Alamin mo sa sarili mo kung kailan ka ba dapat kumapit o bumitaw.

The slide was also fun especially when you do it altogether!
Translate: Mas masaya pag sama-sama.

I believe we have tried all of it except the Kiddie Slide and Rock Climbing. We were not able to try most of the games in the Unicorn Island (see photo below) because we lacked time.

Unicorn Island


I suggest you get the 2-hour pass to try all the games in the orange-blue island for one hour and spend another 1 hour in the Unicorn Island to take Instagrammable pictures and to also try the games there.Inflatable Island


When our time was over, we just sat and rest ourselves in the Floating Zoo but not for long since it is starting to get hotter.


Yes, the Pink Bali Lounge is for free as long as you have admission to the Inflatable Island play, but it is not really recommended if you have packed food, and wants to eat with a table so what we did is we got the cottage from Samba Bluewater Resort since they are owned by one company. We got our cottage for P1,450, where P200 is refundable. See more rates here.

We only stayed here a bit to take pictures under the pink and lavender umbrella then went to our cottage. Blend in with the colors of cotton candy!

There are food stalls in the resort.


They also have Sunset Party Packages but I don’t know the full details. They also accommodate team building.


The Inflatable Island
CONTACT No. – 0917 150 1103 | 0917 835 2665

prof (3)-2

Address: Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower
Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines


Samba Bluewater Resort, Subic, Zambales

The summer is back and I wanted my mother and my father to have the time to relax at the beach. We discovered Samba Bluewater Resort while our family is having our summer getaway last year. We past along on that resort that can be easily seen along the way. There are a lot of beaches in Subic, Olongapo but the Samba Bluewater Resort was the one who caught my attention because there are people lined up and it dawned on me that good stuff is where the crowd is. samba-bluewater-resort-front-2048x2000

Fast forward this year, I told my officemate that our family will go to Subic and my officemate recommended Samba Blue Water Resort since it is where the biggest
Inflatable Island in Asia can be found – a partnership or maybe owned by one company. Truly, I can say we were meant to set foot in Samba Bluewater Resort.

Here is the reception area. The beach admission fee is good for 12 hours to stay and the swimming time is until 7PM only.

Admission Fee

Adult – P250
Child – 250
Senior Citizen – 200
3.5 feet below – FREE

During holidays, the beach admission rate is:
Adult – P300
Child – P300
Senior Citizen – P240 (please present valid SC ID)
3.5 feet and below – FREE

My mom and my dad were the only ones who paid the fee since all of us, already paid the fee of Inflatable Island for one hour.

This is the view getting in and to where we presented our gate pass.

Samba Thrilla Aqua Park

The first thing we saw is the Samba Thrilla Aqua Park. As I have said, we thought that this is the same with Inflatable Island but Samba Thrilla Aqua Park is a land-based inflatable slide and also the tallest in the Philippines. Expect Torpedo Slide that is good for 4 feet and above and Kid’s Place Wading Pool here. Below is the rate inclusive of beach admission while the check-in guests are privileged of 20% discount.

2HR Pass
Adult – P500
Child – P500
Sr.Citizen – P400

Half Day Pass
Adult – P650
Child – P650
Sr.Citizen – P520

Whole Day Pass
Adult – P950
Child – P950
Sr.Citizen – P760

Beach Games
Volleyball (2hrs) P200
Futsal (2hrs) P200
Frisbee (2hrs) P200


The king is soaring up high and his rays were so bright. All that we wanted by that time is to get into our nest. Finally, we’re already in the cottage area.
Here is the rate of their cottages good for 12 hours.

Open Cabana
-P1,500 (Monday-Thursday)
-Good for 10 to 15 people
*Add P500 if Sat, Sun, and holidaysamba-bluewater-resort-open-cabana-2048x2000.jpg

One whole Pavilion
-With 6 separate tables. Good for 36 people

Dissected Pavilion
-P1,000 (Monday-Thursday)
-One table. Good for 6 people
*add P250 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Canopy Tent
-P1,000 (Monday-Thursday)
-2 monobloc chairs and 6 monobloc
-Good for 6 people
*add P500 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Pitching your OWN TENT
P300 for 12 hours

Overnight Stay
If you are planning of an overnight stay or more, check in time is 1 PM and the check out is 11 AM. The breakfast is not included and bringing cooking appliances is not allowed inside the room. Below are the rates:

Zamba Villa
-P2,800 good for 2 people
-Maximum of 4 people, extra person is P250 (No extra blankets & towel; sharing of bed only)
-P3,300 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Groupie Nipa Hut
-P6,000 good for 6 person
-Maximum of 7 people, extra person is P250 (No extra blankets & towel; sharing of bed only)
-P6,600 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Deluxe Nipa Hut
-P3,500 good for 3 people
– Maximum of 4 people, extra person is P250 (No extra blankets & towel; sharing of bed only)
-P4,000 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Glamping Cabana Beach Front
-P1,500 good for 2 people
– Maximum of 4 people, extra person is P250 (No extra blankets & towel; sharing of bed only)
-P2,000 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Glamping Cabana Non-Beach Front
-P1,000 good for 2 people
– Maximum of 4 people, extra person is P250 (No extra blankets & towel; sharing of bed only)
-P1,500 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Glamping Tent
-P1,500 good for 2 people
– Maximum of 6 people, extra person is P250 (No extra blankets & towel; sharing of bed only)
-P2,000 if Sat, Sun, and holiday

Pitching your own tent
P600 for 12 hours

Extra Mattress – P400
Extra Pillow with Blanket – P100

Water Sports Activities

There are few people who were having water sports activities. The rates are:
Jetski – P3,500 for 1 hr and P2,000 for 30 minutes.

Activities for 15 minutes
Banana Boat – P250, 4 people minimum
Dragon Boat – P250, 4 people minimum
UFO – P350, 4 people minimum
Bandwagon – P350, 3 people minimum
Disco Ball – P700, 5 people minimum
My friends also had their island hopping for P150 each. I did not join them coz I was feeling “tita” that time.

There’s a souvenir shop and henna and tattoo shop, too.


To sum it all up, I highly recommend Samba Bluewater Resort if you are looking for a resort in Subic with clean facilities, good amenities, good crowd, a lot of water activities, and accommodating staff. It is 3 1/2 hour away in Quezon City so getting here will not cost too much of your travel time. Also, you can bring your own food and drinks without a corkage fee.

National Highway, Lower Kalaklan
Olongapo City, Zambales

(047) 222-9288



The Linden Suites, Pasig

With the heavy traffic that seems to be a normal thing for the Filipinos living in Metro Manila, sometimes, getting a room for a day near the place of an important event that you will be attending is a smart move to get away with the hassle and exhaustion. Well, with the important event that my high school friends and I will be attending that is a wedding, we could not agree to look haggard on that day – especially that we are part of the entourage.

Last December, we had found the comfort of home in The Linden Suites. It is a 4-star hotel located in Ortigas where malls, food establishments, and convenience store are walking distance. The hotel looks very humble by looking at the facade of the building; it has less decorative ornaments and with a not so wide drop-off point, I could not expect more.
The Linden Suites (1)

The lobby has a good number of seats for the guests to wait and the staff at the entrance area have done their job well by getting in our stuff to our hotel room.
The Linden Suites (2)

As we get into the room, we were very surprised with how SPACIOUS the place is.  We got this “one bedroom suite” for P5,000 no breakfast and for 4 pax. The rate was under a corporate account through our friend so I am not sure with the difference in its regular rate.
The Linden Suites (10)

There are cooking pans, plates, utensils, ref, oven, percolator, and a stove so cooking here is really allowed. Just take a look at the photo below where our shopping bags were also captured. LOL.
The Linden Suites (3)

The dining area and the living room are closed to one another but not close enough. It was really that spacious.
The Linden Suites (4)

There’s also a study table beside the TV where I placed my laptop. (Yes, I have a part-time job).
The Linden Suites (5)

This is the bedroom and we also asked for an extra bed. The room is clean but the glass window was not that clear. Perhaps, it’s because of the rain.
The Linden Suites (6)

There’s also a TV in the bedroom!
The Linden Suites (9).jpg

The comfort room (but there’s no bidet!) is also large.

We bring liquors to enjoy the night! Yes, we booked for 4 pax but we’re 6 in the photo. Why? It’s because the 1 couple wanted to go solo!


Wi-Fi: Linden only allows two devices to connect to their WiFi. The Wi-Fi is okay.

The Linden Suites is a good place to stay especially if with friends and family since the room is not cramped. The airconditioning is also great and the yellowish lights feel upscale to me. The hotel is very accessible to almost anything you might need, however, the traffic here during the day is just really normal. I already feel sorry for the foreigners who have to adapt to the hells of transportation we have in our city. Well, traffic is normal in our daily lives. I was not able to check their pool area since I got there so late and we were needed to have our make up on the next day. morning. So anyway, the hoteliers have delivered good service with us since whatever we asked for were attended right away – the chinawares, the extra comforter, and the extra towel. Thanks for the hospitality, The Linden Suites!

Value: 5

Location: 4

Cleanliness: 5

Service: 5

Room: 5