RBCTY, Maginhawa

One of the reasons that makes people get stressed living in the city is because of the heavy traffic. In my case, to commute five hours everyday six times in a week for almost two years is one of the factors that made me decide to take a break in a short time. Ergo, I was able to attend a food event because I’m freed from the working  world. And I thank Aldous for inviting me.RBCTY (1)

Indeed the city could give us a lot of stress, but if you are going to a city about ribs it’s a feast! That’s what totally happened to us, bloggers.

To start this joyride in RBCTY, served to us is Dynamite. Surprisingly, there’s no bombing happened but a spark. I mean spark means kilig, kilig means asim kilig especially with that salsa sauce. Don’t kill me, I’m not corny.RBCTY (4)

Next served is the beer’s best partner, Not Just Nachos (P198). Truly, this nachos dish is special because of the rib shreds. “I’ll stop the world, and melt with…” cheese. I love nachos!RBCTY (5)

After a long ride, we finally arrived to the Big City (P718).  RBCTY (6)

Big City is good for three to four persons and you may choose four side dishes. We were able to try eight of the side dishes. I like the coleslaw, mashed ‘tato, potato salad and the thin fries that is sour cream flavor. Of course, CTY rice is a recommendation, too. We’re Asian, peeps.RBCTY

Want to have a look again of Big City? This charcoal-grilled ribs is just really huge! Hitting the ribs with the lights, Big City is sparkling because of its overly drizzled barbecue sauce. I love that the sauce is not too sweet and not too sour. The meat is tender and luscious!RBCTY (7)

Now that we got the ribs, we’re going to have the wings! Their chicken wings are one of the bests I had. It’s crispy but fleshy; it’s a wings that is not intended for snacks but for a meal.  RBCTY (8)

The wings that we got made us fly in heaven because the next served to us is… drum roll please! Desserts!

RBCTY (13)
Queso de Bola Cake
RBCTY (12)
White Toblerone Cheesecake
RBCTY (11)
Brownie a la Mode

Queso de Bola Cake (P148) is saltier so I like the White Toblerone Cheesecake (P148) better. Both of the cakes are dense but what made me to reach heaven is because of the Decadent Brownie a la Mode (P168). The chewy brownies, rich vanilla ice cream and the oozing chocolate sauce is very sinful. I don’t know why it feels heaven when in fact it is sinful. LOL!

The restaurant’s theme is street so there are so much industrial elements to this place. RBCTY’s location is quite a secret place because you have to get in to a building that looks like an apartment. Surprisingly, it has a second floor that can accommodate up to fifty four persons. While the serving is satisfying, I am most pleased to the taste of the food that we got to try. For a restaurant to cater what is most valued to the diners – the quantity, the quality, and the price, the meal they offer is pretty much affordable. As for the service, I am very much grateful that the owner, Ms. Aya, entertained us well but as for the servers, I hope they would smile and be more energetic. 🙂 They are attentive, though.

Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5RBCTY (2)

RBCTY (Rib City)

Address: 63 Maginhawa St., Diliman, QC


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Nadai Fujisoba, SM the Block

My high school friend, DK, chose Nadai Fujisoba to have dinner because her brother who is based in Japan recommended this restaurant. According to her brother, he has not tried all of the Japanese restaurant here in the Philippines but of all the restaurant he dined in here, Nadai Fujisoba’s food has the closer taste like the one offered in Japan.

We ate here last January and it was really cold in the Philippines during that time so we decided to try their noodles!P_20170102_192747_BF

So I wasn’t aware with the difference of udon and soba. So for people like me who does not know any of this, well… udon is a thick wheat flour while soba is thinner and made of buckwheat flour.

I ordered horensou soba (P200). It has fish flakes, spinach, onion leeks and wakame seaweed. I was craving for a fish that time so I ordered this. However, while eating I feel like I was eating too much leafy dish so I would recommend you to try other varieties like what Cojie and DK ordered.P_20170102_191426-01

Cojie and DK both ordered Niku Fuji but the other is soba and the other is udon. Let me show the pictures to spot the differences.

Here is niku fuji soba and..15826627_10202701242968590_2859609396272546788_n

here is the niku fuji udon.P_20170102_191612-01

Niku Fuji has a sliced beef, half boiled egg, onion leeks, and wakame seaweed.

Their gyudon (P100) is delish!P_20170102_191628-01

Unfortunately, I did not get to have the ambiance because we dined in outside of the restaurant because it was full house. It’s a Japanese restaurant but I find the price cheaper among others I tried plus the serving is enough to fill your tummy. The service is also good because the waitress kept us well-informed about they are offering. Lastly, the noodles is freshly made and the flavor is lighter. I would love to come back here to try their cold noodles!
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4.5/5


Nadai Fujisoba

Address: G/F SM the Block, SM City North EDSA

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K-Pub, Trinoma

Do you just feel like eating meat in a buffet but does not want to eat the usual thing, we, Filipinos who are fond of?

Leave letson, pata tim, bagnet, and our sweet BBQ behind to explore an unconventional taste of Korean cuisine!

Last June 2016, my friend from Australia decided to treat us, her high school friends, in Kpub; a meat all you can restaurant. Yes this post was long overdue hahahaha!P_20160629_210608_BF_1

K-pub BBQ is an alternative events venue that one may have parties, debuts, corporate functions, press conferences, product launches, graduations, sales rallies, seminars and the like.P_20160629_204501

The place is impressively huge and there are so many tables and chairs; holding a large event here can be surely accommodated. However, since the theme is a “pub” the place is quite dim with the accent of neon lights, only giving the table the usual lights (as you can see in the first pic) so we could see if our meat is decent enough to be eaten cooked.

The Korean pop songs are played on TV and as the night goes deeper, the live band started to perform giving the customers the superb dining experience.P_20160629_215708

As for our food, what we ordered is the EAT and RUN!17431596_10203024574091666_923477373_o


The staff are all friendly but the service is not that fast. As for the food, I think that the taste is much more close to the Filipinos liking than the authentic Korean taste.

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

K-Pub BBQ, Trinoma


Call: 847-1961and 847-3098

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