Affordable Food Finds in Boracay

There are a hundred of restaurants you could pass by in Boracay but for a frugal wanderer like myself, I certainly wanted to save money by trying out different kinds of restos and other food establishments while on a vacation in a wonderful land. Here is a list of the places where my friends and I dined during our stay.

1. 928 Café and Grill. Located at Station 2, they offer breakfast meals for as low as P95.00.Image

2. Kolai Mangyan Fudhaus. Located at the main road of Station 1, their price starts at P100. I ordered their best seller which is Sizzling Beef Teriyaki in White Sauce. They are also open for 24 hours.Image

3. Sharetea Boracay. Located in D’Mall, the price of drinks offered here is basically the same as the ones offered by the teahouses we have in Metro Manila.Image

4. Manz BBQ. This one is near the scuba diving area of Station 1. Their isaw is effin delicious and is priced at P10.00. The vendor told us her secret with the sauce, and I have no plans of sharing it with you. Bleh! It’s good to eat street food after your swim during the sunset. I swear. Image

5. Bite Club Grilled Burgers. Located in D’Mall, the price of burgers offered here starts at P200+ (if I’m not mistaken). Their burgers could be compared to Brother’s Burgers, so the price isn’t exactly that bad. 🙂 Image

6. Slush Drinks Pepsi. This is located at Station 1 in some alley leading to the main road. For P50.00, their drinks will surely quench your thirst. Image

7. Yellow Cab. We are all familiar with this pizza chain and we all know it’s not really the most affordable pizza there is. Nevertheless, it was convenient to bring to Puka Shells BeachImage

8. Jonah’s Fruitshake and Snackbar. Located at Station 1, the establishment’s price starts at P75.00. I tried their Banana Choco Peanut. It’s difficult to consume in one glug, because the serving is big. 🙂 The place is noted to serve the best fruit shakes in town, so people really line up. Image

9. Ole. Located in D’Mall, the place specializes in Cuban, Mexican, and Spanish cuisines. An onlooker would think that it’s an expensive restaurant. However, they also offer Filipino dishes where price starts at P100+. (Sorry, I’m quite sketchy with the price here, because I did not pay for the meal I ate here, hehe) Their sisig is good, though.Image

10. Super Submarine Sandwich Shop. Located in D’Mall, their 6-inch sub is priced at P155. You might think it’s pricey but the sub has a really generous filling. However, the seller was slightly unfriendly. Even the Korean next to me was given the cold shoulder. Lol. I thought it was just me.Image

11. Beach Hut Bar Boracay. Located in Station 1, which is near our place. The shakes they offer cost around P199 which might be too costly, but this is because you can take home the drink’s container/long tumbler. You can go back to get another shake with your container and pay only P99.00 forever! They also have branches in Bora-Bora, Bali, Phuket, Palau, Maldives, and Hawaii.Image

12. Angel Wish Dish Paluto. This one is located in D’ Talipapa. To get here, you have to take a tricycle. Their food is good but the experience my friends and I have on this place is something you might want to read about. Click the LINK for the story. Image

If you still think that you want that unlimited rice or that super affordable meal, you can always dine at more familiar places like Mang Inasal and Andok’s! 🙂 Image

Want to know other restaurants worth visiting in Boracay? This link might be helpful. Click here.


My Stay in Boracay Coco Huts

My college friends and I stayed in this 6-room boutique hotel for four days and three nights from May 20 to 23 this year and paid P 18,600 (breakfast not included). We settled an initial deposit amounting to P 9,500 and paid the remaining balance upon arrival. There were six of us, so we paid P 3,100 each and so availed the family room. The hotel follows the usual time for check in (2:00 PM) and check out (12 NN). Because we arrived at the hotel by 8:30 AM, we left our bags in their mini lobby and stray in several places. We ATE, sat on the sand, and had our hennas.boracay coco huts

The hotel’s location is great, because it’s located at the beachfront and it is in the border of Station 1 and Station 2 where great restaurants are situated. You know, it is all about the convenience that comes with walking less and saving more time for relaxation. If you’re facing the beach, heading over to the right would give you an easier access to the main road (near Astoria Hotel). Meanwhile, going to the left would lead you to D’Mall. boracay coco huts (8)

Boracay Coco Huts is very close to Army Navy where hotel guests can avail a 10% discount for a meal! (I love tie ups if that’s what you call it. Haha!) In addition, I noticed that the receptionists of the hotel and the waiter/waitresses of Army Navy play the same role.

When we got to our room, it was clean, and there were towels on the bed along with LAMINATED CARDS. The laminated cards inform guest about the penalties when their towels and bed sheets get stained as well as the other charges that should be paid when guests damage their things. I was rather shocked to see that they were four-digit penalties!

Anyway, on the first floor, there’s queen size bed, TV, a vault box, an air conditioner, a mini-ref, a shower/restroom, and a mirror!boracay coco huts (1)

On the second floor, which is my designated area, has one single mattress on the concrete floor. I didn’t mind this, because I was near the veranda. Look at this beautiful scene which I get to enjoy every morning of during our stay.boracay coco huts (4)

What you can see from the veranda are the coconuts and the beach! Aside from drinking beer at night, this is where we also dried our swimwear.boracay coco huts (5)

On the third floor, there were two single beds and an air conditioner!boracay coco huts (6)

On the fourth floor (or the extension), there is a single mattress on the wooden floor.boracay coco huts (3)

There were a lot of outlets to charge our gadgets and the Wi-Fi works too. Their password is.. lol, kidding! They also have a trash can, and a broom. Anyway, they also have a water dispenser for all guests. Their staff is quite moody, lol (seriously though, they were unnecessarily grumpy). Also, if you want to have your room cleaned, then you have to inform them.

During our second day, water leaked on our room’s first floor, because the air conditioner malfunctioned. We called for the staff to fix it, and we were glad they did something about it.

I would recommend this boutique hotel for a group of people looking for a place to rest, shower, and have access to WiFi. It is an affordable and classy place to stay. Based on my observation, the people who stayed at the hotel were mostly in their mid 20s, like us.boracay coco huts (2)

PS: Apologies for the photos that some of our stuff is captured because we’re screaming for air conditioner upon checking in 🙂

Value: 5

Location: 5

Cleanliness: 5

Service: 4

Room: 4


Boracay Coco Huts

Station 1, Balabag, Boracay, Philippines

+63 36 288 2301

+63 932 885 0959

Paraw Sailing, Island Hopping, Puka Shells, and Fire Dance in Boracay

Paraw Sailing

We paid P200 each for this activity. The waves kept splashing on our faces as we approached the sunset and so Drew’s flip flops were carried away by the tides. Goodbye, Sandugo!

activities in Boracay (1)

activities in Boracay (2)

Island Hopping

We paid P1,800 for 7 pax to have a splendid experience. It was my first time to experience snorkeling – a way to see the fantastic world under the sea with goggles and a breathing tube. I had a chance to feed a school of fish. God, it was beautiful! We also went to Sol Marina where the water is much clearer than the ones near the jam-packed parts of Boracay.activities in Boracay (4)




activities in Boracay (8)

Sol Marina



Puka Shells Beach

The beach is not as busy as Station 1,2, and 3. When we arrived there, there were people playing volleyball and having picnics on the sand. We reached the place via tricycle where we paid P25.00 each. The good news is that there’s no entrance fee here. Here I was taking photos of the sunset while an American guy blocked my view. It was nice of him to say sorry. I shouted back that it was okay. This made my friends encouraged me to pursue the guy, but I told them that I’m not the type who would make the first move. They apologized and told me that they just wanted me to not be alone. On a positive note, we ate PIZZA in this place! Haha!

activities in Boracay (11)

activities in Boracay (6)
Bhing and Drew
activities in Boracay (7)
Pat and Mix

Fire Dance

Fire dance, for those who might not know, is a dance where the performer holds a flaming container and rotates it depending to the music. It happens every night in Boracay in which they are famous for. Don’t worry for they are professionals and follows safety measures. The price for Sand Bar is P350 consumable of food and drinks and have that photo op!

activities in Boracay (12)
Caren and Hans

And here’s our cray-cray and groupie moments!

collageeeee no pat copy