Casa Minerva, Tagaytay

We got Casa Minerva for P11,193 for an overnight stay. Exceeding more than 20 pax will have an additional payment.

My high school friends and I left Novaliches at 6 in the morning to Tagaytay but we went to the airport first to pick up one of our friends who just had a tour in Dubai. I know, it was a hectic schedule for her but she actually came from the USA. She pretty had a hard core trip!

The reason that she went to Manila is because she’s going to get her husband, who is also our friend, for good. Because of this, we were all gathered up to create new memories and cherish both of our friends before they fly!17159051_10154156709960899_6044784808388364827_o

We ate at Mcdo, shopped at SM Supermarket,  roam around in the Sky Ranch and the time flew like it has wings – it’s already 2 in the afternoon!  We can finally check in at Casa Minerva. The place is 250 square meters and it’s kind of secluded, away from the highway. However, there are neighboring houses which could also be rented as a rest house. OR NOT. Screenshot_20170305-103749

The garage could fit two cars and we saw the pool as soon as we get in. In addition, the inuman session table could fit for 13-15 persons. The rooftop only allows the caretaker to get there, but we don’t mind since the porch on the second floor is spacious!Casa Minerva (9a)

This shot is from the inuman session area’s perspective. The staircase shown has an access going to the second floor’s terrace.Casa Minerva (12)

Routing that stairs will lead to this view -more seats and tambayan.Casa Minerva (8)

There are three bedrooms on the second floor and one bedroom on the first floor which unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo. Here are the three bedrooms.

It was stated in the AirBNB app that Casa Minerva can accommodate up to 20 pax. We’re not quite sure about the 20 because we’re 13 people and the bed is just enough for us. We also requested for extra mattress. Maybe sleeping in the living room could work. As for the wash room, they have plenty but there’s one that is closed.Casa Minerva (4)

I forgot to take the photos of the kitchen since I mostly did the video there. They have the utensils, refrigerator, microwave oven, percolator, plates, chopping board, cups, glasses, wok, pots, stove. The caretaker said that the knife was taken out by the previous guests. Aw! Anyway, check my video here. Hope it won’t be removed by Youtube.

The dining area is the first thing that can be seen upon entering the house.Casa Minerva (11)

The living room is located on the second floor. It’s well-ventilated.

We got Casa Minerva for P11,193 for an overnight stay. Exceeding more than 20 pax will have an additional payment. The location is far from the highway so it is better to buy all of the stuff needed so there wouldn’t be much wasted time that should be spent for UBE (ultimate bonding experience). The SM Supermarket is accessible so we bought the things we have forgotten to buy.

We were lazy to cook for dinner so we ate in Green Ats Bulaluhan, a restaurant that can be easily seen as soon the highway is reached. It also got us a a scenic view of Mount Taal.P_20170305_175046_NT

Going back to Casa Minerva, we caught them cleaning when we arrived but the pool is blurry. Still, we swam that night and good thing that we didn’t itch. Meanwhile, we also ask for a paluto service and they charge for P1,000 per day excluding the budget and the fare to buy the ingredients. They have a cook but it was difficult to contact her so the owner told me that their caretaker could also cook but not as skillful as the cook. As we arrived, Kuya Jun who is the caretaker, welcomed us and  attended our needs as fast as he could. We got a problem with WiFi because their bandwidth already reached its limit. My friends asked the other caretakers and they don’t seem to know so I called the owner and she said that there’s a new WiFi provided. After that, Kuya Jun got the WiFi and placed it near the living room. The WiFi was okay but not fast enough since the signal is pretty low there. The rooms are all nice and the linens smell fresh and clean. Towels can be rented out and the mineral water is P100 per 5 galloon cylinder inclusive of use of hot and cold water dispenser. While inconveniences cannot be avoided, I salute that the owner can be contacted easily and she responded to the problems right away. Thank you also to Kuya Jun!

Value: 4.5

Location: 4

Cleanliness: 3.5

Service: 4

Room: 5

Casa Minerva, Tagaytay

Address: D. Cruzado, Senior Extension Rd., Barangay Guinhawa South, Tagaytay, Cavite