One Plus Coffee, Circuit, Makati

While coffee shop is known as a place for meetings, the One Plus Coffee that is newly opened in the Circuit, Makati intended their place as a co-working space where the diners would expect hanging wires from the top for the laptops, long tables for the meetings, and free WiFi connection all for the convenience of the diners. I can say that the place is very helpful for the group studies of the students or for the corporate brainstorming of the professionals.
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One Plus Coffee only intended to offer drinks for the diners but they have decided to also offer food. Luckily, Aldous, Tin, and I got to try some of these last Wednesday while their menu is still in the process of updating.
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These Potato Chips looked really lovely. It looked like a big flower blossoming on our table. It comes in big chips, it looks thick but actually thin. It is crunchy and the saltiness is balanced right. I’m already satisfied on the chip itself even without the dipping. But hell, even the dipping is also great!
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The Szechuan Shrimp Balls looked like a dessert for me when I was taking a photo of it but I was surprised that it’s my favorite seafood I was munching in a form of balls. Given that Szechuan dishes are spicy, the One Plus Coffee’s dish did not give a dash of heat but a little tangy and sweet flavor. At first, I thought it was a chocolate sauce, but it is a balsamic sauce that gives magic to this dish.
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Chomping these wings gave me a sweet flavor beforehand, however, the spiciness gets to me after eating a piece of it. Here’s One Plus Sweet & Spicy Wings.
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Between the Caesar Salad and the Creamy Greek Salad, I like the latter. Maybe I was not really a fan of acidic sauce like that of Caesar. Plus, the Creamy Garlic Salad has a slice of cucumber that made me more to like it.

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Caesar Salad
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Creamy Greek Salad

The Aglio Olio did not fail to satisfy my hunger. Al dente pasta, the flavor of the garlic really went through, and the distinct taste of olive oil, there’s nothing to ask for more but wait…
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Here’s another pasta – Meaty Baked Lasagna. It’s good but not as sinful as I thought it was.
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As for the beverages, where One Plus Coffee is an expert of, there are few drinks that would definitely make you curious so to give you a preview, here are the zips I had.

If you like a drink that is not too strong, order Nutella Mocha. It is nutty and a little chocolatey.
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The Latte Macchiato has stronger taste compare to Thai Latte. Thai Latte is the one with whipped cream on top.

Matcha Latte served iced and hot. I like the iced one better.One plus coffee (56)-2048x2000One plus coffee (65)-2048x2000

Sexy Cucumber LemonOne plus coffee (36)-2048x2000

Kiwi Lemonade. It’s acidic but luxurious.
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Alluring Strawberry Mocha. It’s not as sweet as I expected so I think this is better paired with a pastry or a slice of cake. 🙂
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One Plus Coffee has an innovative strategy since Makati as a business district, people surely seek a place where they can last longer that is conducive for finishing paper works, for studying or for a meeting. The ambiance of the place projects that concept so the by passers would surely note that it is a great coffee shop to linger whenever they have to in the future. The coffee shop is big, cozy, and well ventilated. I also like how they play with the colors of the furniture and the instagrammable frames on display. The serving for food is meant for small portions, considering the said “concept” but the drinks come in the regular size just like the other coffee shops. The staff is welcoming and joyful, which is a thing to expect for coffee shops. Truly, One Plus Coffee is the coffee shop the people can depend on whenever you need a table to rely on. Of course, you do order! 🙂
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Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5

One Plus Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to post positive reviews.

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Swensen’s Ice Cream Now Open in SM The Block

Mr. Sun was blazing its sweat-inducing rays so hard that I and my co-bloggers wanted to consume something that would make us escape the summer heat. Yes, I am talking about ice cream! Here, I’ll be discussing about an international ice cream brand from the US that is already here in the Philippines since 2010–the Swensen’s Ice Cream. Meanwhile, Miss Lizzie Guerrero and family (the people behind Swensen’s Ice Cream in PH) held a ribbon cutting event for the opening of Swensen’s Ice Cream’s second branch last May 14, 2014 at SM North Edsa, The Block.

swensen's (2)

Swensen’s already has branches in Thailand and Singapore. From what I heard from friends, Swensen’s in Singapore offers food as well. The place looks promising and their fantastic ice cream creations are good enough to make me drool!

their toppings
their toppings
their ice cream
their ice cream

The person who started it all is Earle Swensen. He opened the first ice cream parlor at San Francisco in 1948. Swensen’s has kept its quality, variety, and value for money for people to appreciate the ultimate sundae experience!

Earthquake (P 675.00) is so large it will cool your world with 8 scoops of ice cream and cherries on top. I ordered the Oreo Brownie (P265.00), because it’s in a waffle basket which I thought would balance the sweetness of the ice cream. Besides, I also wanted to have my ice cream to have a different texture.

swensen's (6)

Also, the Banana Boat (P 185.00) ice cream gave us a buzz with its vanilla ice cream dashed with strawberry jam! Meanwhile, coffee-lovers will surely love Gold Rush (P220.00) which is a yummy coffee-flavored ice cream

swensen's (5)

swensen's (3)

swensen's (4)

They also have Kid’s Sundaes, Bake Shoppe Sundaes, Shakes, Gourmet Coffee, and other beverages. In line with this, I would like to thank Ace of Swensen’s and Aldous for the invite!

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5

Swensen’s SM North Edsa


Tired? Go to Coffee Empire

Whenever we are tired, all that we want is to have something comforting, something that will give us a sense of relaxation. Well, if you’re looking for a place to chill, then this is where Coffee Empire comes in. The establishment offers an impressive menu that features well-loved local and international dishes. So, if you want to try modern comfort food from different cuisines, pay The Coffee Empire a visit. It recently opened last March 14, 2014, so I was one of the few lucky people who got to try the dishes concocted by Coffee Empire’s Chef AC Agra.

These hand-cut potatoes called Duck Fat Fries (P 195.00), started off our feast with Mr. Cesar, the resident coffee consultant. The dish has duck fat and coffee spice that totally spiced up our night. Meanwhile, the Gambas Al Ajillo (P 375.00) is a garlic confit of tiger prawns with dehydrated prawn heads and dehydrated olives blanketed in its own juice. Well, prawns and shrimp are my favorites, so this truly satisfied me.

coffee empire (1)

If you are looking for a healthy, but hearty dish, then give their Organic Egg Caesar Salad (P215.00) a try. It’s made with bacon rashers and sous vide eggs for your protein needs. Meanwhile, their Tuna Salad Nicoise (P285.00) has tomatoes, tuna, and vinaigrette. What totally made the salad more bountiful were the croquettes on the side. I prefer the latter, but they are both good.

coffee empire (2)

For me, their French Onion Soup P 195.00 is just ordinary, but the Gruyere mozzarella surely delighted me. On the other hand, I’m sure that the Squash Cappuccino Soup (P  150.00) was beyond the expectations of another writer who were with us, because he finished his soup entirely. Yum!

coffee empire (3)

The goodness of this dish lies in the merging of complexity and superfluity. Imagine having gruyere mozzarella, parmesan, and béchamel into one dish. How could it not be so sinful? Well, it is and this is what would welcome your taste buds when you try their creamy Truffled 3-cheese Mac and Cheese (P 305.00). Next, the Cheeseburger Fondue (P 335.00) was a treat as well. The US beef patty is juicy and the melted cheese along with the BLT made a great combination.

coffee empire (4)

For me, the 42-Hour Pork Belly (P370.00) is the star of the menu. It is mildly sweet because it is cooked kakuni-style with cauliflower and pickled onions. We were also given another Japanese treat called Teriyaki Salmon (P 550.00). The fish used here is a Norwegian salmon bathed in teriyaki glaze with vegetables. Meanwhile, the fish is placed on a bed of wasabi mousseline. I’m  simply amazed!

coffee empire (5)

The next dish which is begging for hot rice is called Beef Shortribs Caldereta in Red Wine (P 390.00),but we obviously didn’t ask for a plate full of rice anymore because we were already full.

coffee empire (6)

What’s a meal without a dessert? Though we were ready to laze from all the food we ate, we still had to try this Speculous Crunchy Cookie Butter Pancakes (P140.00) smothered with (you guessed it!) Speculous. These pancakes come with butter, maple syrup, and powder. However, I missed giving its crunchy texture a try. Next, we were given their Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee (P 175.00) for which I have nothing but warm compliments to say.

coffee empire (7)

The Crepe (Mango/Orange/Banana-Nutella) is served with liquid nitrogen ice cream priced only at P 125.00.  Our last bite for the night gave us a delightful kick.

coffee empire (8)

If you are wondering about the coffee offered by the place, then wait for my next post. The full evaluation of the restaurant will be posted there, too.

coffee empire (9)

Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5

The Coffee Empire

74 West Avenue, West Triangle, 1104, Quezon City

6:00 – 22:00