Kiss the Tiramisu, Makati

Kiss the Tiramisu that had been a talk-of-the-town sometime in December was featured in one of the known shows in the Philippines. The social media platforms were sprawled with ice cream contained in dainty gold-rimmed goblets that are surely worth a double tap in Instagram feeds because of its posh style.

However, it was not because of the hype that my officemates and I visited the said dessert parlor but it was already on our 2018 calendar to visit Kiss the Tiramisu. Yes, we were quite a foodie like that or should I say this serve as a reward for having the long patience of waiting for the payday? Lol, reasons! Anyway, a 20-minute walk from our office was enough reason for us to give it a try, I may say.

The original recipe which is the Classic Tiramisu (P265) got us to scoop first the ice cream and the chocolate shavings and it was a humble beginning. After a while, Irish had the fun to share it with us when there was a surprise in the middle – the mocha and chocolate cookie crumble and it had gotten impeccable when the coffee sauce drips over to the spoon. Oh, I’ve never loved tiramisu even more!
Kiss the Tiramisu (6)

The Matcha Tiramisu (P295), which was my order, is drizzled with a matcha sauce and matcha shavings. Since it was my ice cream, I’ve gotten to evaluate more how good the ice cream was. The vanilla ice cream is like a frozen cotton and little did I know that it is what they are known for – the soft-serve ice cream. (forgive me, please :p). The sensation in my mouth was different and I just kept praising how good it was that went like this,”Dahil ba laging ice cream lang ng convenience store ang nakakain ko kaya ako nasasarapan dito sa kinakain ko ngayon o dahil masarap talaga sya?“. It was soft but thick and not too sweet. I think the mascarpone cheese was behind of all its glory. It also has mocha and chocolate cookie crumble and dark chocolate in the layer of swirls.
Kiss the Tiramisu (5)

Being Kiss the Tiramisu is owned by a Korean, an injeolmi variation will always be there. Injeolmi is a sticky rice cake with a roasted soybean powder and what else could you expect on Injeolmi Tiramisu (P265) – roasted soybean powder, roasted soybean sauce and injeolmi balls at the bottom and core layer of the ice cream. Our mastermind, Eleanor, ordered that and let us taste it. This tiramisu version is the sweetest, I think.
Kiss the Tiramisu (1)

The ambiance of the cafe looks luxurious- the wine glass chandeliers impressed me. With that, the store reflects the price of the dessert they offer – expensive! Nevertheless, the ice cream they offer is not something I got to try anywhere so it was worth trying it out even if the ice cream is worth of one meal. There was a foreigner on the counter (the owner?) and I find her hospitable which is the exact opposite of the barista guy who wears a poker face look. Wow, that was colder than the ice cream! Our waiting hours were not that long and if should I come back? Guess I want to try the Midas Touch with a touch of an edible gold leaf!
Kiss the Tiramisu (2)

Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Taste: 4.5/5

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Kiss the Tiramisu
GF Three Central, Valero, Salcedo, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila


Swensen’s Ice Cream Now Open in SM The Block

Mr. Sun was blazing its sweat-inducing rays so hard that I and my co-bloggers wanted to consume something that would make us escape the summer heat. Yes, I am talking about ice cream! Here, I’ll be discussing about an international ice cream brand from the US that is already here in the Philippines since 2010–the Swensen’s Ice Cream. Meanwhile, Miss Lizzie Guerrero and family (the people behind Swensen’s Ice Cream in PH) held a ribbon cutting event for the opening of Swensen’s Ice Cream’s second branch last May 14, 2014 at SM North Edsa, The Block.

swensen's (2)

Swensen’s already has branches in Thailand and Singapore. From what I heard from friends, Swensen’s in Singapore offers food as well. The place looks promising and their fantastic ice cream creations are good enough to make me drool!

their toppings
their toppings
their ice cream
their ice cream

The person who started it all is Earle Swensen. He opened the first ice cream parlor at San Francisco in 1948. Swensen’s has kept its quality, variety, and value for money for people to appreciate the ultimate sundae experience!

Earthquake (P 675.00) is so large it will cool your world with 8 scoops of ice cream and cherries on top. I ordered the Oreo Brownie (P265.00), because it’s in a waffle basket which I thought would balance the sweetness of the ice cream. Besides, I also wanted to have my ice cream to have a different texture.

swensen's (6)

Also, the Banana Boat (P 185.00) ice cream gave us a buzz with its vanilla ice cream dashed with strawberry jam! Meanwhile, coffee-lovers will surely love Gold Rush (P220.00) which is a yummy coffee-flavored ice cream

swensen's (5)

swensen's (3)

swensen's (4)

They also have Kid’s Sundaes, Bake Shoppe Sundaes, Shakes, Gourmet Coffee, and other beverages. In line with this, I would like to thank Ace of Swensen’s and Aldous for the invite!

Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5

Swensen’s SM North Edsa