The Right Dress for Your Body Type

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Wearing long dresses have not significantly changed what it means in our society – a special occasion is about to happen. From a tailored fit dress to a ready-to-wear dress, women have always dreamed of the gown that they want to wear on their special day. Be it a prom night, wedding day or awards night, there’s nothing more women could ever wish for but to look spectacular on this rare event. that specializes in providing dresses for every special occasion has been a go-to online store for netizens especially in Canada and has catered ladies ready-to-wear gowns to every part of the world. Truly, ready-to-wear benefit women since it already show the design of the clothes and it can eventually fit to know if it’s flattering or not. Admit it, sometimes there are dresses that look beautiful but does not look good when it’s worn.

Factors like the body frame affect whether the gown is the right one or not. On this simple guide, it will help you to widen your knowledge about the gown that fits best to certain body type.

An hourglass shape is a woman with hip and bust measurements with an almost equal size with a narrow waistline. An hourglass shape can almost wear any type of silhouette but to accentuate the gift she has, it is best to try a trumpet gown. Trumpet gown starts to get fit in the middle part of the thigh as shown in the picture below.

The hips are larger than your bust when you are a pear shape. The arms and shoulders are proportionately slim so an empire dress or a ball gown is good for you. An empire dress cut its bodice below the bust as shown below.

An apple shape has a round shoulder line, an average to a big bust, and full around the middle. A line silhouette and ball gown would fit you best. See how this A-line gown cut the illusion of losing a full middle.
a line

Your bottom half is smaller than your top when you have an inverted triangle shape. You have little definition between your waist and hips so wearing a ball gown or a mermaid is highly recommended to you. The black prom dresses are really luxurious. As shown below is a mermaid cut where the tight part is in the knee area comparing to a trumpet silhouette where it starts to hug at the middle thigh.

Lastly, a rectangle shape has a straight shoulder line and little definition of waistline. Wearing a-line or ball gown is good for you. Here’s a wedding ball gown sample. This could also be the white prom dresses wishlist should you channel the bride in you.
ball gown